Globe GO50: 5GB All-Access Data, Unli All-Net Texts, 1GB GoWiFi Access

Learn more about Globe Go50 promo details and inclusions. Globe Go 50 is a data & text combo promo and it comes with call, data and 1-day extension add-ons.

Globe Go50: Go 50 Promo Details

What is Globe Go50?

Globe Go50 offers 5GB all access data, unlimited texts to all networks, and 1GB GoWiFi. Globe Go 50 is valid for 3 days for 50 pesos only.

It comes with 5GB mobile data that can access all apps and sites, unli all-net texts to Globe/TM/Cherry and Smart/TNT/Sun, plus 1GB GoWiFi access.

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You can only use your free 1GB GoWiFi access when you connect your device via WiFi to available Globe GoWiFi hotspots.

These  Globe WiFi Hotspots are available nationwide on select public areas like transport terminals, malls, schools and other partner establishments.

Globe Go50 promo inclusions:
· 5GB all access data
· Unlimited texts to all networks
· 1GB GoWiFi access
· ₱50; valid for 3 days

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Globe Prepaid SIM, Pocket/Mobile WiFi, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users can register to Go promos.

How do I register to Go50?

Register to Globe GO 50 by texting GO50 to 8080. Wait for the confirmation text message.

You can also subscribe by dialing *143#, enter then send the corresponding number for: ‘Go Promos.’

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How do I check my Go50 subscription status?

To check you Globe Go 50 subscription status, text DATA BAL to 8080. You can also check you Globe subscriptions via the GlobeOne app.

Download and install the ‘GlobeOne’ app then register with your Globe mobile phone number.

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Can you extend Go 50?

Yes, you can extend your Go50 promo subscription for another day for just ₱10. To extend, text GOLONGER10 to 8080.

Your subscription will be extened for 24 hours and you can extend as many times as you want.

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What are the available Go 50 add-ons?

Here are the available Globe Go50 add-ons. Most of these GoBOOSTERS tack-on cost ₱10 only and ₱15 for 1GB all access data add-on.

These GoBOOSTER add-ons are only valid for 24 hours. Just text the (underlined) code/keyword to 8080.

Example: Text GOBOOST15 to 8080 for additional 1Gb all access data on top of your Go promo subscription.

· GOLONGER10 – Additional 1-day validity (₱10)
· GOCALL10 – Additional unlimited calls to all networks (₱10)
· GOBOOST15 – Additional 1GB all-access data (₱15)

· GOWATCH10 – Additional 1GB for YouTube, Netflix, Viu, iWant, iflix, HBO Go, ONE FC & NBA (₱10)
· GOPLAY10 – Additional 1GB for Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, PUBG, Call of Duty, MU Origin 2, Harry Potter& Twitch (₱10)
· GOSHARE10 – Additional 1GB for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, & Snapchat (₱10)
· GOSHOP10 – Additional 1GB for Lazada, Shopee & ZALORA (₱10)

· GOLISTEN10 – Additional 1GB for YouTube Music, Spotify & WeSing (₱10)
· GORIDE10 – Additional 1GB for YouTube Learning, Wikipedia, Google Drive, Google Hangouts & Canva (₱10)
· GOLEARN10 – Additional 1GB for YouTube Learning, Wikipedia, Google Drive, Google Hangouts & Canva (₱10)
· GOWORK10 – Additional 1GB for Zoom, Whatsapp & Viber (₱10)
· GOKOREAN10 – Additional 1GB for Vlive, Viu, YouTube, Netflix & iflix (₱10)

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You can subscribe to GoBOOSTERS add-ons as many times as long as you’re registered to a Go promo.

Globe GoBOOSTERS with the same kind will only stack together and the add-on’s new validity will be followed.

Is Go50 available in TM?

Globe Go50 and other Go promos are only available to Globe Prepaid SIM users and are not available to TM SIM subscribers.

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Globe Go 50 FAQs

• You can use Go promos with your favorite Globe Prepaid call, text, and data promo offers except for SuperSURF promos.

• Go promos’ open/all access data allocation is stackable. If your Go subscription still have unused mobile data allocation, you can register to another Go promo before it expires.

This will add up the unused data and the data allocation of the new Go subscription together. The validity of your new Go registration will be followed.

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• A maintaining balance of ₱1 is NOT required. You can avail of any Globe Go promo if you have enough load.

• The day before you subscription expires, you will receive a text message notification that your registration will expire the next day.

You will also receive a text once your subscription expires.

For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name. Sources: Globe Telecom #1 & #2

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