GOSAKTO90: 2GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play – 2020 — Globe Prepaid

GOSAKTO90, is the new Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 this 2020. Both have the same promo inclusions.

Globe GoSAKTO90 2020: How to Register, Extend, Stop, Freebies Details

Globe GoSAKTO90 has 2GB open access mobile data, unli texs to all networks, 1GB/Day Facebook, Instagram, Watch and Play, 1GB GoWifi access, and ₱50 GCash QR voucher – for ₱90.

Globe Prepaid Gosakto promos, like GOSAKTO90, are only available to Globe Prepaid customers only.

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Learn more about Globe GOSAKTO 90 details, freebies and tips on how to register, extend, and more below.

Globe GOSAKTO90 inclusions:

• 2GB open access mobile data
• Unlimited texts to all networks
• 1GB/Day Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play
• 1GB GoWifi access
• ₱50 GCash QR voucher
• ₱90; valid for 7 days
• Code: GOSAKTO90

With the 2GB ‘open access mobile data,’ you can use this to access and browse any mobile app or website.

Before the new update of Globe GOSAKTO90 freebies, this promo has 2GB GoWATCH and GoPLAY – for 7 days. Now, it has 1GB per day that you can use to browse your Facebook (FB) or Instagram (IG) account, and access mobile apps/sites available on GoWATCH and GoPLAY.

Globe GOSAKTO90 is the upgraded version of the GOSAKTO70 or GOTSCOMBODD70 which has 1GB open access mobile data with other inclusions you can see on GOSAKTO90 or GOTSCOMBODD90.

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How to register GOSAKTO90?

There are two ways to subscribe to this promo: 1) via SMS and 2) through Globe *143# USSD code. Check how-to guide below.

#1. Via Text Message (SMS): Text GOSAKTO90 to 8080 or GOTSCOMBODD90 to 8080. Wait for confirmation text message on your inbox for more promo informations.

#2. Via Globe *143# USSD Code: Call *143# on your cellphone using your Globe SIM. Wait for the options to load and appear. Follow these steps: Dial *143# > GOSAKTO > Try GOSAKTO90 > Subscribe (continue below).

Choose and key-in the number for ‘GOSAKTO‘ in the blank space below the options then press ‘SEND.’ Key-in the number for ‘Try GOSAKTO90‘ and then ‘Subscribe.’

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Free 1GB/Day Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play

With this free inclusion, you have 1GB per day to access your Facebook or Instagram account.

Aside from FB and IG, you can also access mobile apps available GoWATCH and GoPLAY (with or without account).

Check what mobile apps/sites are available on GoWATCH & GoPLAY below.

GOWATCH Mobile Apps & Websites: YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, iflix, NBA, Viu, Cartoon Network, Disney, Tribe, One FC, and FOX+

GoPLAY Mobile Apps: Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, Pokemon GO, Clash Royale, Rules of Survival, and Free Fire.

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This 1GB per day (1GB/Day) Facebook, Instagram, Watch and Play inclusion refreshes after midnight. Whether you use it or not, you have new 1GB every day for 7 days to use on FB, IG, Watch & Play.

Are there any available add-ons?

These are the available add-ons on you Globe Prepaid GOSAKTO90 subscription:


For additional 2GB video streaming for 1 day only, reload ₱29 and then text GOWATCH29 to 8080. Read more details from the confirmation text message.


For additional 1GB open access mobile data (access any mobile app/site with this), reload at least ₱37 and then text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. Wait for confirmation text message.

#3. HACKS90

Globe HACKS90 is for selected customers/subscribers only. You’ll receive a notification text message when you’re eligible for this promo.

HACKS90 has 2GB open access mobile data, 7GB GoWATCH, 700MB GoPLAY, unlimited texts to all networks – ₱90; valid for 7 days. Text HACKS90 to 8080 to register.

How to check Globe GOSAKTO 90 subscription status?

To check, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080. To check your remaining mobile data balance, text DATA BAL to 8080. Wait for text message in your inbox for the details

How to stop GOSAKTO90?

There ar 3 different ways to stop your Globe Prepaid Gosakto promo subscriptions:

#1. Text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 then wait for confirmation text message. (It seems this method still doesn’t work until now.)

#2. Visit and send a message on their official ‘Globe Telecom‘ facebook page or on their ‘@talk2GLOBE‘ twitter page.

Tell them you want to stop your (any) Globe Prepaid Gosakto subscription. Include your Globe cellphone number in the message.

#3. Call them by dialing 211 onyour cell phone. Just make sure you have ₱8 minimum load balance to make the call; no deduction on your load balance will happen. You can also call 02 730 100 using your landline phone.

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How to extend GOSAKTO90?

Yes, you can extend the duration of all your inclusions or it’s ‘open access mobile data’ in your Globe Prepaid Gosakto subscription.

OPTION #1. On the day (or 1 hour) before your GOSAKTO90 or GOTSCOMBODD90 expires, reload and register to the same promo package to extend and save your remaining mobile data balance.

OPTION #2. You can also extend the validity of your ‘open access mobile data’ only for longer 15 or 30 days.

To extend the duration/validity of your ‘open access mobile data’ for 15 days, reload at least ₱34 and text GOSURFBE34 to 8080. Wait for confirmation then check status.

To extend the duration/validity of your ‘open access mobile data’ for 30 days, reload at least ₱121 and text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080. Wait for confirmation then check status.

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Additional Tips

TIP #1. Just like other Globe Prepaid promos, like Gosurf, Gosakto promos are also stackable. It means you can register to promos, like GOSAKTO 70/90/120/140, every after successful registration to each promo.

TIP #2. Or you can also subscribe on the day before your Globe Prepaid Gosakto subscription expires to: 1) add up your remaining data balance and 2) to extend its duration/validity.

TIP #3. Touch Mobile or ‘Republika ng TM’ customers can register to TMSURF70 promo (the same with GOSAKTO70) only through Globe Switch mobile app.

Download the ‘Globe Switch’ mobile app on Apple and Google Play store. – Globe

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For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name.

28 thoughts on “GOSAKTO90: 2GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play – 2020 — Globe Prepaid

  1. ‘Pag nag-add-on po ako ng GOTSCOMBOKEA37 sa gosakto same pa rin po ba ang validity nito with gosakto or 1 day lang ang GOTSCOMBOKEA37?

  2. What do you mean 1 gig for gowatch and play? You can watch videos and play games using it? Or is it an app gowatch app and goplay app?

    1. Yes, you can use the 1GB to watch and play specific mobile apps as long as they are installed in your cell phone. For gowatch, you can also access these streaming platforms through web browsers.

      For available mobile apps you can access: (GoWATCH) YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, iflix, NBA, Viu, and One FC; (GoPLAY) Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, Free Fire, and PUBG

      Pagkatapos ‘nyo po mag-register sa GOSAKTO90, pwede ‘nyo na po magamit ang 1GB/Day (at 2GB open/all access data) sa mga mobile apps na nabanggit sa taas.

  3. Hi, ‘pag naka-register pa po ba sa gosakto90 then naloadan kaagad kinabukasan ng gosakto90, mag-extend ba ‘yun ng 1 week or 1 day lang din kasi 1 day lang din yung pagitan?

  4. Hello, bakit po hindi ko maclaim ang 1gb/per day ko usually po kasi talaga nakukuha ko ngayon lang po hindi.

    1. Hi, chineck ‘nyo po ba status ng gosakto90 subscription ‘nyo? Subukin ‘nyo po: text DATA BAL and GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 for free.

    1. Hello, hindi po kasama rito ang free inclusion tulad nang 1GB/day. 2GB na open access (mobile) data lang po pwedeng ma-extend nang 15 days.

  5. Hello, bakit po hindi ko ma-claim yung 1gb/day na watch and play, palagi po ako naka-register sa gosakto90. Ngayon lang talaga ito nangyari na walang kasunod na text na pwede ko nang magamit ang aking 1gb/day. Please reply, thanks.

    1. Hi, walang announcement pa po ang Globe Telecom ukol dito kung tinanggal ba o ano. Baka delayed lang po. For now, try texting GOSAKTO STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080.

      You can also directly message their official FB/twitter page or call them for any concern and help.

    1. Hello, wala pa naman announcement ang Globe ukol dito kung inalis na. Hindi pa rin naman nila ina-update ang details sa website nila. Try ‘nyo po i-text DATA BAL to 8080.

  6. Kapag po ba nag-subscribe na agad ulit kahit ‘di pa expired yung gosakto90, hindi maki-claim yung 1GB na pang fb, ig, and go watch and play?

    1. Hello, maki-claim pa rin naman po dahil 1GB per day ito. At hindi na po FB, IG, Watch & Play, ang bago na po ay 1GB/day GoWACTH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP.

  7. Paano pa ma-claim your freebies? Ex.go watch and play po, may code pa po bang kailangan i-send or automatic na siya? Thanks.

  8. Paano po i-extend yung GOTSCOMBODD90 para maging one month po? Gusto ko po sana ma-maximize yung data kasi dalas ko po magbiyahe. Ano po best ipatong dito para at least 3GB of net po ang meron. Thanks po!

    1. Hello, para po ma-extend nang 30 days ang ‘open access mobile data’ ‘nyo, reload at least ₱121 and text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080. Paalala po na ang ‘open access mobile data’ lang po ang mae-extend at hindi kasama ang mga ibang inclusions. Text GOSAKTO STATUS and DATA BAL to 8080 for your subscription status for free.

      Para naman po sa additional 1GB add-on, reload at least ₱37 then text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080.

  9. When talking [about] extending of my Gosakto90, let’s say I’m going to use 34 pesos for a 15 day extension. My question is, will my load be used/consume in the promo? Thanks.

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