Globe Pocket WiFi Review, Price & How-To’s

Globe Telecom’s latest Globe LTE Pocket or Mobile Wifi is a convenient and portable WiFi device. It serves as a mobile WiFi hotspot and it can also share your mobile internet connection with others.

Globe Pocket WiFi Review

Globe pocket WiFi has different model versions like Globe 4G and Tattoo Pocket WiFi that were released before.

The latest model to release is the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi version and its available for ₱999.00 only. It can be used and inserted with Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, or TM SIM. The device already comes with it’s own Globe Prepaid SIM.

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Check the mobile WiFi’s features and specs, and learn how to load, register promos, and more.

Globe Pocket WiFi Features, Price, Review & How-Tos

Globe’s newest pocket WiFi model, the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi, lets you experience a better and faster wireless mobile internet connection on your phone, tablet and other WiFi-enabled devices.

Check the device’s package details and features/specifications.

Globe LTE Pocket WiFi Package Details

The Globe LTE Pocket/Mobile WiFi package comes with:

· Globe LTE Pocket WiFi (Huawei E5576/E5573)
· Multi-cut Globe Prepaid LTE SIM
· Power Adapter
· USB Cable
· 1500mAh Battery
· User Manual
· Warranty Card

*The package also comes with free 10GB for Videos freebie – valid for 30 days. Text GETFREEBIE to 8080 to get the free app data offer.

Globe LTE Pocket Wifi Technical Specifications

· Up to 42 Mbps Speed
· 4G-LTE, 4G-HSPA+ & HSPA Network
· Connect up to 16 wifi-enabled devices (with 802.11b/g/n standard)
· 2 LED Light Indicators*
· 1500mAh Battery (6-8 hours)
· SMS Messaging
· MicroSD Slot, up to 32GB
· Built-in antenna

*Light Indicators
· Signal Strength: Red – no signal, Yellow – weak, Green – strong
· Battery Level: Red – low battery, Green – good battery

The Globe LTE Pocket WiFi hotspot can support up to 16 devices, perfect for sharing internet connection with others. The device is equipped with 1500mAh battery capacity that can stay longer up to 6-8 hourse, depends on many people are using the device.

You can enjoy faster internet speeds of up to 42 Megabits per second (Mbps) but it still depends on various obstraction that can affect the networks cignal strength like buildings, trees, mountains, or how near is the telecom’s cell towers.

Globe LTE Mobile WiFi is also LTE 700MHz-ready for a better indoor coverage.

How mush is Globe LTE Mobile Pocket WiFi?

The Globe LTE Pocket/Mobile WiFi is now available for ₱999 only. You can purchase the Globe pocket WiFi at the nearest Globe Store and accredited Globe load & device retailers in your area, or online.

How to load & register promo in Globe Pocket WiFi LTE/Tattoo device?

There are 3 different ways to load a Globe pocket WiFi and to register to a Globe pocket WiFi load promo. Check each details below:

A. Globe Pocket WiFi Admin Dashboard

Load your Globe LTE/Tattoo Pocket WiFi’s mobile number with amount of your chosen data promo.

1. Connect your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to your Globe pocket WiFi device.

2. Open any Internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), then type and enter in the URL address bar. If it doesn’t work for your Globe pocket WiFi model, try instead.

3. A login page will load. For both Username and Password box, type ‘admin‘.

4. Go to ‘SMS‘ tab then ‘New‘

5. Enter 8080 in the recipient box and the promo keyword in the message box.

6. Click the ‘Send‘ button and wait for the confirmation text message.

7. To view the text message, go to ‘SMS’ then ‘Inbox’.

B. Via Globe Share-A-Load Service

You can also share a load or promo by dialing *143# on your mobile phone using your Globe SIM. But first, make sure your mobile number (as the sender) has enough prepaid load for the data promo you’ll send.

To share a mobile internet promo to your Globe Pocket WiFi’s mobile number, dial *143# in your mobile phone and wait for the options to appear.

You have to enter then send the assigned number to navigate.

Navigate to: My Acccount > Share-A-Load/Promo/Data > Share-A-Promo > Send to a Globe Prepaid Number (for the number of Globe LTE/Tattoo Pocket WiFi SIM), TM Number, Tattoo Number, or Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Number.

C. Via Globe Load Retailer (AutoLoadMax)

All Globe LTE/4G/Tattoo Pocket WiFi & Broadband USB stick devices comes with a Globe Prepaid SIM card.

Find the Globe Pocket WiFi’s mobile number. You can see that 10-digit mobile number in the back the SIM Card Holder/Bed.

1. Go to the nearest Globe load retailer (store, canteen, any Globe loader). Ask for regular prepaid load depending on the surf promo above that you want to register.

2. After you received the load, you can now turn on your Globe Pocket WiFi, connect any device to it, then open a web browser on that device and login to the admin dashboard. Make sure the loaded SIM Card is inserted in the pocket WiFi device.

3. Now, send the promo keyword of your desired Globe mobile internet/data promo. Wait for the confirmation text message.

You can also insert your Globe Pocket WiFI’s SIM card to a mobile phone, then register to a mobile internet promo before inserting it (the sim card) back to your Globe LTE/Tattoo Pocket WiFi or Tattoo Broadband USB stick.

What is Globe Pocket WiFi’s IP Address?

The Globe pocket WiFi’s official IP Address for admin dashboard is Enter this into your web browser in the URL address bar to access your pocket WiFi’s admin dashboard.

If does not work for other models of Globe LTE/Tattoo Pocket WiFi devices, enter then try to access the admin dashboard.

How to load and register promos in Globe Pocket WiFi

Here are three (3) options on how to load and register promos for Globe pocket wifi.

OPTION 1: Globe Load Retailer

Check and know your Globe Pocket/Mobile WiFi’s SIM mobile number before you going to the nearest load retailer.

Ask to load your pocket WiFi’s mobile number with the required regular Globe load credits, then pay the retailer. Your mobile number will receive a text notification with the load credits info.

OPTION 2: Admin Dashboard

To start, load your mobile number first with the required amount of load credits for the desired promo.

Step 1. Connect your Globe pocket wifi to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Step 2. Open your preferred Internet browser then type and enter in the URL address bar. If your using a mobile phone, click the ‘Go to Homepage‘ link below after the webpage loads.

Step 3. You will be prompted to enter your password for authentication. If you haven’t yet changed your username or password, type in “admin” for password and username box.

Step 4. Go to ‘SMS‘ tab then ‘New.’ Enter 8080 in the recipient then the promo keyword in the message box.

Step 6. Click ‘Send‘ button and wait for the confirmation text message. Go to ‘SMS’ then ‘Inbox’ to check text messages.

Option 3: Globe Share-A-Load/Promo

With Globe Share-A-Load/Promo service, you can share a promo using your phone by texting a keyword format or by dialing *143#. Be sure you have the required amount of load before doing this.

You can share a promo or load credits using your phone via text or by dialing *143#. Be sure you have the required amount of regular load credits to get started.

To Share a promo or load credits:

For a promo, send promo keyword to 2 + 10-digit mobile number of the recipient (replace the prefix 0 to 2). Example: Send GOSURF50 to 29161234567.

For load credits, send load amount to 2 + 10-digit mobile number of the recipient (replace 0 to 2). Example: Send 100 to 29161234567.

To share a promo or load via *143# menu, dial *143# then navigate to: My Account > Share-A-Load/Promo > Share Promo w/o PIN > and choose Send to Globe Prepaid Number, TM, Tattoo, or to a Home Prepaid WiFi number.

How to reset Globe Pocket WiFi

You can reset your Globe LTE/Tattoo pocket WiFi device by clicking on the ‘Reset‘ or ‘Restore to Factory Defaults‘ button on the upper-right part on your admin dashboard. You just have to login to the admin dashboard.

If you forgot your login details (username or password) and you can’t login, you can hard reset your Globe pocket WiFi device.

To hard reset it, simply press the RESET button of the device with a pin for more than 8-10 seconds. Check the part of your WiFi device with the ‘RESET‘ label.

Visit Globe Pocket WiFi Load Promos for list of available data promo offers for Globe LTE Mobile WiFi and other pocket WiFi models.

For questions, message Globe Telecom’s official social media pages, call 211 through Globe SIM for free, (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline, or comment below with/without your email/name. Source: Globe Telecom #1

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