SUPERSURF50: Surf up to 800MB at optimal speed – 2020 — Globe Prepaid

SuperSURF50 is Globe/TM offer for 2020 with bandwidth of up to 800MB for ₱50 — valid for 1 day (24 hours).

Globe/TM SuperSURF50 2020: How to register, check status, 800MB data limit

Globe/TM SuperSURF offers lets you browse the web and access mobile apps at optimal speeds.

Learn how to register Globe SuperSURF50 and start browsing the web and access your favorite mobile apps now.

Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, TM and Tattoo Prepaid users can subscribe to SuperSURF offers like SuperSURF50.

· Surf with a bandwidth of 800MB
· Valid for 1 day (24 hrs.) — ₱50

With Globe SuperSURF50, you can search the web, watch videos, play mobile games, send and receive chat messages or emails, access websites and mobile apps, browse your social media feeds.

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You can also download media files (e.g. videos, images, pdf, etc.) below 800MB file size.

How to register SuperSURF50?

For Globe Prepaid, TM, and Tattoo Prepaid subscribers, just text SUPERSURF50 send to 8080.

For Globe Postpaid subscribers, text SUPERSURF 50 ON send to 8888. Wait for the confirmation mesage in your inbox.

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Make sure you activated Globe’s ‘Surf Alert’ feature to prevent unexpected charges or automatic deduction from your prepaid load balance.

To activate this feature, text SURFALERT ON send to 8080.

How to check SuperSURF50 subscription status/balance?

To check the status of your Globe SuperSURF subscription, just text SUPERSURF STATUS send to 8080.

Is there a maintaning balance to register to this SuperSurf promo?

No need for maintaining balance. This also applies to other Globe mobile internet promo offers.

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You can also register to other Globe/TM ‘call, text and mobile data’ promo offers while you’re registered to a Globe/TM SuperSURF.

Does Globe SuperSURF offers unlimited mobile internet access?

There are no unlimited mobile internet promo offers to all Globe Prepaid and Postpaid costumers.

With Globe SuperSURF50 and other variants, you can access websites and mobile apps with a bandwidth of 800MB per day (1GB/day for Postpaid subscibers).

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Globe do not offer unlimited mobile internet access to all Globe Prepaid, TM, Tattoo Prepaid subscribers and even Postpaid customers unless you get broadband internet plan for your home.

Why Globe SuperSURF promos have mobile data limit?

According to the Fair Use Policy of Globe Telecom, they want all SuperSURF subscribers to have a fair opportunity to enjoy their shared network resources because some SuperSURF subscribers are getting into online activities that consumes bigger data bandwidth.

These heavy data usage includes: downloading large files (videos, songs, movies, torrent files, etc.), heavy video streaming (high quality videos, online streaming services etc.) and using their mobile phone as wifi hotspot to share mobile internet connection to other gadgets.

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For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name.




14 responses to “SUPERSURF50: Surf up to 800MB at optimal speed – 2020 — Globe Prepaid”

  1. Jieime

    Hi, ask ko lang kung magbu-buffering ba sya sa netflix ‘pag lumagpas na ako sa 800 MB? Mobile lang po gamit. Thanks.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, opo, magbu-buffer po ito kasi hihina ang internet speed nito. Kung balak ‘nyo po mag-register sa SUPERSURF50, mas magandang sa GOSURF50 na lang po kayo mag-register.

  2. Anonymous

    Pwede po ba ang gosurf sa TM?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, Easysurf po ang para sa TM.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually SUPERSURF50 for tm/globe has a promo of unlimited data but why is it that there is limitation?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello, it’s because of their ‘Fair Use Policy.’ Once your connection is throttled, your mobile internet speed is still good for browsing web pages.

  4. Sam

    Ask ko lang, ano magandang promo for globe pocket wifi? Gusto ko sana yung gosurf50 pero yung freebies parang hindi ko nagagamit eh.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello, gosurf at supersurf promo lang po pwede sa Globe pocket wifi. Para po sa latest/updated details, check Globe GoSURF and GOSURF50.

  5. Ellen

    Ano po bang load ang dapat kapag na nunuod ng live sa shopee?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello, we suggest consumable bulk data promos. Visit this webpage: Globe gosurf promos

  6. Jenolyn

    Nakaregister po ako sa supersurf50 pero bakit po hindi po ako makapag download?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello po! Ano po ba ang ida-download n’yo? Pwede rin naman po ito sa pag-download. Pero mas kung paghahamabingin n’yo po ang SUPERSURF50 sa GOSURF50, mas maganda po ang GOSURF50 dahil ito ay may 1GB, 300MB freebie, at 2GB for GoWATCH & GoPLAY, valid for 3 days.

      1. Joshua

        Hello po, ayaw lumabas kung ilan na lang natitira sa data ko ‘pag nag-DATA BAL ako. What to do?

        1. EkstraTips Team

          Hi, dapat po SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080 dahil hindi po consumable data na tulad ng Gosurf o Gosakto ang Supersurf. Makakatanggap lang po kayo ng notification text message kung 3/4 o 1/2 nang data limit ay nagamit ‘nyo na po.

          Mas maganda rin po ang GOSURF50 kaysa SUPERSURF50.

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