Globe SUPERSURF Promos 2019 [UPDATE]: Unli Net | 800MB Data/Day

Here’s a list of Globe and TM or Touch Mobile’s Supersurf (unli) unlimited Internet promos available to Globe prepaid, postpaid, Tattoo Broadband USB Stick/Plugin and Globe Pocket WiFi prepaid devices.

Globe and Republika ng TM subscribers can enjoy (unli) unlimited data for mobile Internet access and surfing with SuperSurf promos.

Globe supersurf unli Internet data promos
Globe Supersurf (unli) unlimited data promo plans for mobile Internet connection and access

Globe SuperSURF Data Promos for Internet Surfing

Supersurf lets it’s Globe prepaid, postpaid and TM subscribers, and Globe Tattoo broadband USB Plugins or Globe LTE/4G Pocket Wifi users enjoy mobile Internet access to the web with up to 800MB per day only.

With this Globe data promo plans for mobile Internet access, you can visit any website and use any mobile apps or any online streaming apps you want.

Before the implementation of these bandwidth capping or data limit of 800MB (1GB for postpaid subscribers), Supersurf subscribers can really enjoy unlimited data for unlimited internet surfing.

Globe Supersurf subscribers can really access the web without any limit. They can download any large digital files (e.g. movies, mobile/computer software applications), heavily streaming videos and the like from the web.

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These users do these online activities just using their Globe SIM cards in their mobile phones as WiFi hotspots or Globe Tattoo USB Sticks/Plugins plugged in to their laptops or desktop computers.

However, some subscribers, about 3% as stated from the web page of Globe’s Fair Use Policy (FUP) for their data services, may have abused and misused this service.

They’re responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on the network, which affects other paying customers.

Which means, they are the one consuming most of the data alloted to every subscribers of these promo plans and can even cause slow internet connection speed to others.

And that’s why they implemented this bandwidth throttling policy to prevent these activities in the future.

Globe Supersurf Internet Promos

While its true that these unli Internet or data promos are not really unlimited, we have only 2 choices.

First, subscribe to these data promo plans from Supersurf, Gosurf and Gosakto.

Second, if you’re willing, you can avail to Globe Home Broadband Plans with routers and landline modems, and more expensive fee that you need to pay monthly.

In this way, you can enjoy unlimited data for faster speed and unlimited access.

Going back to this Globe and TM data promo plans from Supersurf, we have the list of promos below.

Select the best promo that fits your budget and your online activities then load your prepaid account or vice versa.

Choose from SUPERSURF50 for 1 day, SUPERSURF120 for 3 days, SUPERSURF200 for 5 days and SUPERSURF999 for 30 days or 1 month.

Check them:

1. Globe Supersurf 50 (₱50)
» 1 day unlisur up to 800MB data limit
» 50 pesos prepaid load required
» Valid for 1 day only
» To register, text SUPERSURF50 to 8080.

2. Globe Supersurf 120 (₱120)
» 3 days unli surfing up to 800MB data limit
» 120 pesos prepaid load required
» Valid for 3 days only
» To register, text SUPERSURF120 to 8080.

3. Globe Supersurf 200 (₱200)
» 5 days unlisurfi up to 800MB data limit
» 120 pesos prepaid load required
» Valid for 5 days only
» To register, text SUPERSURF200 to 8080.

4. Globe Supersurf 999 (₱999) 
» 30 days unli surfing up to 800MB data limit per day
» 999 pesos prepaid load required
» Valid for 30 days (1 month) only
» To register, text SUPERSURF999 to 8080.

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How to check status of my Supersurf promo subscription?

To check the status of your subscription, just text SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080 for free.

How to stop or cancel my Supersurf promo subscription?

To unsubscribe to your Globe SuperSurf promo, just text SUPERSURF STOP to 8080. Reminder: Once you registered to any of these Supersurf data promos and you unsubscribed, don’t expect any refund of your prepaid load credits.

Important Notes:

1. When registered to any of these promos above, expect a bandwidth throttling or slower internet connection speed after you exceed the data limit of 800MB per day.

You’ll recieved a notification text message in your inbox about this once your almost near from the data limit.

2. The normal speed of your internet will resume after 12:00 midnight. Your internet connection speed also depends on your location.

So try to check if Globe signal for internet is better in your area. If not, switch to other network providers.

3. Always monitor your online activities. For Supersurf promos, send SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080 for free to check your Supersurf promo subscription.

See how many data (KB/MB) will be used from mobile data allocation when you do any online activities from below:

1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB) = 1,000,000 Kilobytes (KB)

1 Megabyte (MB) = 1000 Kilobytes (KB)

Send 1 chat message – 20KB
Post 1 text-only Facebook status/comment – 30KB
Post 1 photo on Facebook/Instagram – 250KB
Send 1 email with attachment – 300KB
Browse 1 webpage (website) with photos – 1.3MB
Stream 4-minute song – 2.5MB
Stream 4-minute video – 13MB

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all of these SuperSurf promos are subjected to bandwidth capping or data limit?

Yes, they do. For prepaid subscribers, the data limit is 800MB per day while for postpaid subscribers, the data limit is 1GB.

NOTE: Telcos here and abroad are applying these methods especially to prepaid and even postpaid SIM subscribers.

Why these promos are subjected to bandwidth or data limit?

It’s for the purpose of fair use for every subscriber of these promos. Some SuperSurf subscribers are using their mobile internet access on doing activities that uses huge data bandwidth.

These heavy online activities includes downloading large files, watching high quality videos through online streaming services, sharing the internet access to many gadgets etc.

Then, to prevent these from happening, the bandwidth capping and data limit was implemented.

I thought SuperSurf promos have unlimited data for internet access?

That was a long time ago. But for now, it’s not. SuperSurf is a surf-all-you-want promo in which, you can use any mobile app and browse the web – all websites, but with limited mobile data allocation per day for mobile internet access.

By the way, Globe Telecom and other telcos or networks here do not offer mobile internet access with unlimited data especially to prepaid and even postpaid subscribers.

If you have any further questions or concerns about these Globe and TM SuperSurf’s unlimited data promo plans for mobile internet surfing, leave your comment/s below.

Sources: Globe Supersurf | TM Supersurf

17 thoughts on “Globe SUPERSURF Promos 2019 [UPDATE]: Unli Net | 800MB Data/Day

  1. If im gonna register supersurf 50 and ive used 800mb data cap, meaning ba nun totally shut down na un internet access ko for the rest of the day? Or gagana pa din sya?

    1. Hello, gagana pa rin po sya kaso good for browsing web pages at hindi na pwede sa video/music streaming. Mas magandang mag-register na lang po kayo sa GOSURF50.


  3. Hi! nangyare nato saakin eh over 5 times na.
    Ganito kasi habit ko kung magdadownload ng games sa steam minsan makakaya nyalang 600 to 800 mb pero nung sinusuwerte ako nakakuha ako ng mashigit sa 10gb plus, hindi to joke dahil dito marami akong na download na laro tulad ng GTA 4 na may size na 13.9 gb nung nag start ako hangang 800 mb lang ang na download pero nung pag gising ko nung umaga mga 1:30 am nagstart ako download sa una mahina eh kahit kb walang nilalabas pinatay ko muna pocket wifi ko at on uli at nagulat nalang ako na angbilis ng download nakaabot panga ng 12gb plus dahil dito nadownload ko ang dream game ko last 2 years ngayon tinatry ko naman i download ang fortnite bihira lang kasi mangyari to eh.

    1. Hello po! Salamat sa pag-share ng experience. Ganun po talaga kapag madaling araw, mas mabilis ang internet connection dahil kukunti na lang ang mga naka-online kaya kunti rin ang kaagaw mo sa data allocation ng Globe para sa mga supersurf promo subscribers. Advantage mo pa kung madami at malapit ka sa mga towers kaya mas mabilis ang mobile internet connection kaysa sa mga mas malayo.

      1. Hi salamat pero paano ko ba ito ulit makuha kasi gusto ko nang tapusin ang download ko eh 5 days na ako nagdadownload ng fortnite still hangang 800 mb lng makaya nya kahit guimigising ako ng 1:30 am please gusto ko na matapos eh.

        1. Syempre nan dyan pa rin po ang 800MB/day na data limit. Pwede rin naman po kayo magregister ng bulk data mula Gosakto combo promo depende nga lang po sa budget n’yo. Mag-load po kayo tapos i-text n’yo ang GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080 (PHP37 for 1GB data ito). Kung kulang ang 1GB mag-load ulit kayo tapos text n’yo ang GOTSCOMBOKEA37 ulit, dapat po kay 5 minutes na interval every registration n’yo nito…

          Kung gusto n’yo ma-extend ang validity ng data nang 15 days, magload kayo ng at least PHP34 tapos i-text n’yo ang GOSURFBE34 to 8080. Para alamin namana ng status ng subcription n’yo, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.

  4. Bakit mahina net pin@s ilang tawag video call blard nkaregester na 2gb tapos di ko marinig boses ng asawaq. Kaloka dito sa hongkong 5 months 1650ph lahat ng application pwd magamit 6gb per month. Pinas subra kurakot magnakaw pa ng load. Kabwesit globe, smart,

    1. Hello po! Posible po na isang dahilan ang cignal reception ng network na gamit n’yo. Kaya tignan n’yo po kung anong network ang mas malakas sa lugar n’yo pero kung pareho po sila na mahina/mabagal ang signal, pagtiyagaan na lang po natin ang text, call, at chat…

      Pwede rin naman po kayo magpakabit ng fiber broadband kung kaya n’yo po ng monthly bills nito, depende sa plan na pipiliin n’yo…

      Regarding naman po sa pagnanakaw ng load, isa sa mga rason ay ‘yung po mga Value Added Services (VAS) tulad ng Ringback Tone, Polytones, Word of the Day, etc. na services mula sa mga third-party companies na naka-automatic na registered na kayo kahit wala kayong pahintulot. Nagrefresh na ang mga networks ng kani-kanilang system para sa VAS na ito kaya kumunti rin ang mga users na nababawasan ng PHP5 at PHP2.50 load…

      Kung Globe gamit n’yo, text n’yo po ang SURFALERT ON sa 8080. Kung Smart naman, hindi na po n’yo kailangan mag-send ng keyword na tulad sa SURFALERT ng Globe. Siguraduhin rin na naka-off ang data connection ng phone n’yo bago kayo magpaload.

      Mas maganda po na sa official Facebook o Twitter page ng network kayo magpadala ng concerns, complaints o inquiries dahil sila ang mas makakatulong po sa inyo. Walang koneksyon po ang website na ito sa mga mobile networks.

  5. napaka putang ina talaga ng GLOBE, TM isama ko na ring yang smart etc. putang ina nila diba Pilipinas nga naman ibang bansa nga pag sinabing unlimited unlimited.

    1. Hello,

      Sa katunayan kahit sa mga mayayamang bansa ang mga data promos/plans nila ay may limit. Mas malaki nga lang ang data allocation nila kaysa sa TeleComs dito.

      Isa din itong paraan para mapigilan ang pagdownload ng malalaking files sa internet gamit ang mobile internet service.

      Nag-ooffer naman po sila ng unlimited internet sa mga broadband internet services nila.

  6. how can i know if i over used my 800mb in one day.? i still have 3 days more but seems i cant surf properly cant download messenger in my phone.

    1. Hello po,
      You’ll receive a text message once you reach 800MB. To estimate your data usage, go to your phone’s “setting” then click on “Cellular Data” or “Data Usage”. Then tweak the data settings like moving the bars to the especific date to check data usage of that day.

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