SIM Card Registration Philippines: Process, Guide, Facts (2023)

Learn the SIM Card Registration law in the Philippines. Check the process, guidelines and other facts on registering local SIM cards.

SIM Card Registration Philippines

SIM Card Registration Law (Philippines)

The SIM Registration Act in the Philippines requires the registration of all SIM cards and e-SIM forms, as a mandatory to activation. All mobile and prepaid internet device users must register their current or new SIM cards.

All SIMs sold by telecom companies, distributors, and resellers will be in its deactivated state. For these SIMs to work and be used, the buyer or users must register it in the telecom provider’s authorized registration platforms.

This SIM card registration law covers all local and foreign individuals, and corporate entities using SIMs purchased in the Philippines.

It was implemented to protect consumers from fraudsters and criminals who are able to use Prepaid SIMs – anonymously – for illicit and illegal activities such as scams, spam messages, smishing, and other kinds of mobile phone and online fraud.

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The SIM registration is free and it will last until April 26, 2023, but this can still be extended for another 120 days if approved.

SIM Card Registration Requirements

Here are the required information and acceptable valid identification cards and documents for local individuals and foreign tourists.

Personal Information

To register your SIM card, please prepare and provide the following information:

· Full name Full name
· Date of Birth  Date of Birth
· Sex Sex
· Address Address
· Type of government ID presented + ID number
· Government ID with photo
· Declaration that the information presented are true and correct

Acceptable Valid IDs, Documents

Here’s a list of official ID cards that will be accepted in registering SIM cards:

· Passport
· National ID / PhilSys ID
· Social Security Service ID
· Government Service Insurance System e-Card
· Driver’s License
· National Bureau of Investigation clearance
· Police clearance
· Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
· Professional Regulation Commission ID
· Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
· Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
· Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
· Voter’s ID
· Senior Citizen’s card
· Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card
· Person with Disabilities Card
· Other government-issued ID with photo

Foreign Nationals, Tourists

For foreigners visiting as a tourist in the Philippines, they are also required to register their Philippines SIM cards. The registered SIM shall only be valid for 30 days, and will be deactivated upon expiration.

A visiting foreign tourist, needs to present a passport, proof of address in the Philippines, and a return ticket to his or her own country. Check additional information below:

· Passport: Copy of the bio-page and pages where the current visa is stamped or shown

· Proof of Address in the Philippines: Booking in a hotel or other type of accommodation, or an affidavit/letter from the house or residence owner where such foreign national will stay.

· Return ticket to country of origin or to another country indicating date and time of departure from the Philippines

For foreign national with another type of visa, present your Passport, Proof of Address in the Philippines, and other pertinent document, whichever is applicable, such as:

· Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (ACRI-Card) from the Bureau of Immigration

· Other types of official ID issued by any other visa-issuing agency

· Alien Employment Permit from the Department of Labor and Employment or School registration and ID for Students

SIM Card Registration Guide

Here’s how to register your SIM card through online registration:

1. Visit and access your SIM provider’s official registration website via a web browser or application.

Check official registration links below of your SIM network provider:

Globe & TM:
Smart & TNT:

2. Enter your SIM card’s 10-digit mobile number (example: 9181234567) and click the “Send OTP” (One Time Password) or “Register” button.

SIM Card Registration Step 1: Enter SIM 10-digit mobile number then get OTP to be verified.

– For some registration platforms, you may need to first tick/tap the “I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions” button before you can click the “Send OTP” button.

3. If your SIM is eligible for registration, you will receive a 6-digit OTP text message on your cellphone. Check it and remind of the One-Time-Password (OTP) numbers.

4. Enter the 6-digit OTP in the blank space/box on the registration website. The OTP has only 5 minutes expiration. If it expires before entering, you may tap/click on resend button.

– After validation of the provided OTP, you may proceed with the next steps of your SIM card registration.

5. Enter all required fields for your personal and basic information like name, birthday, gender, address, your nationality, and the registration type.

– For the next steps, take or prepare your government-issued ID card and a picture of yourself.

6. Select and identify the type of the ID card you’re going to upload.

Step: Enter your required personal and basic information.

7. Click or tap the “Upload/Take a Photo” button to upload a copy of your valid government-issued ID and your photo.

8. Tap or click on the required checkbox to agree with privacy notice and attestation of completeness and accuracy.

Step: Check the required checkbox to agree with privacy notice and attestation.

– If you want to received telecom promotional messages of your SIM provider, you may check or tick the checkbox for Marketing and Promotional permissions.

9. Now, click the “Submit” or “Next” button to finish the SIM card registration process.

10. After the complete registration, a reference number will then appear on your screen. Take a photo or screenshot to keep the reference number as proof of your registration.

Step: One you finish the SIM registration process, take a copy or screenshot of your reference number.

– Just click the “REGISTER ANOTHER SIM” button if you have other SIM card to register

For SIM registration under a business or company name, the Authorized Representative should provide the following information: company name; company address; Certificate of Registration (DTI), or Board Resolution / Proof of Authority designating the authorized representative or a Special Power of Attorney.

Can’t Register Online

If you can’t access your telecom provider’s registration sites due to unstable or limited internet connection, you may:

1. Visit your nearest telecom provider’s official stores (Smart & TM, Globe & TM, DITO)

2. For subscribers in remote areas: Locations with unstable internet connectivity, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and Department of Education (DEPED), as well as telecom networks, will lead the SIM card registration by setting up SIM registration booths.

3. You may contact them through their official social media or messenger chat accounts.

SIM Card Registration Online Links (Websites)

SIM Registration Reminders

Here are thing to keep in mind:

– All existing SIM cards including those SIMs in Prepaid Mobile/Pocket WiFi or Broadband and Prepaid Internet Kits are given until April 26, 2023 to register to their respective telecom provider.

– Please take note of your reference number that will appear on your screen when you complete the registration for any future SIM concerns.

– Globe Postpaid/Platinum/Business Postpaid customers can easily confirm their SIM Registration via text message since they already submitted personal details to the company. To confirm, just text “SIMREG” to 8080.

– Smart Postpaid subscribers can simply text “YES” to 5858 to confirm and allow to use their personal information and issued IDs that they submitted upon their application.

– Providing false information or documents for SIM card registration comes with a prison term ranging from six months to two years. A fine between P100,000 to P300,000 is also included.

– Minors or those below 18 years old with mobile phone and SIMs should also register under the name of their parent or legal guardian.

– Overseas Filipino workers or those just currently travelling abroad and using roaming services are also required to register through their respective SIM provider’s online registration portal to avoid deactivation.

– Telecom prepaid subscribers with several SIMs may register one-by-one for each of their SIM cards under their name. Since there is no option for bulk registration, you have to repeat the process for each of the SIMs.


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