SIM Registration Online Links: Register Philippines SIM Card

Learn about the Philippines SIM Registration law, check the registration online link guides and its step-by-step process to register Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, DITO SIM cards.

SIM Registration Online Links: Register Philippines SIM Card - Smart/TNT, Globe/TM, DITO

The Republic Act No. 11934, also known as the Subscriber Identity Module Registration Act in the Philippines was signed into law. The law requires all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) to mandate the registration for all its users.

SIM Registration Act

All SIM card subscribers, under this new mandated law, are required to register their mobile number to their telecommunications provider with personal information and a valid government-issued ID.

After the SIM Card Registration act was signed into law, President Marcos Jr. said that any registered information should be treated as absolutely confidential unless access to it has been granted with the subscriber’s written consent.

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SIM Card Registration: Smart, Globe, TNT, TM, DITO

The purpose of this law is to provide accountability telecom SIM card subscribers and to aid law enforcement in tracking perpetrators of crimes and scams committed through mobile phones.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), which was tasked and mandated to implement the SIM Registration Act law, issued an IRR via Memorandum Circular No. 001-12-2022 on December 12, 2022, which took effect on December 27, 2022 – fifteen days after its publication in the Official Gazette and in a newspaper of general circulation.

All individuals, companies, and foreigners alike who are local SIM users must register their SIM cards until April 28, 2023.

SIM Registration Online Links Guide

Here’s your guide on SIM registration via online links – your telecom network provider’s web portal:

Step 1. Open a web browser then type-in the url bar with your telecom provider’s registration website page.

Globe & TM:

Smart & TNT:


Step 2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number (example: 9234567891) and click the “Register” or “Send OTP (One Time Password)” button.

SIM Registration Online Link: Step 1. To verify, enter the SIM car's 10-digit mobile number and 6-digit OTP numbers

*However keep in mind that before you can select “Send OTP,” you must first select “I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions” if you are a Smart subscriber.

Step 3. You’ll receive a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) text message on your mobile phone. That is if that mobile number is eligible for SIM registration.

Step 4. Now, enter that 6-digit OTP numbers on the registration website. After your OTP is validated, you may proceed with the registration. Note that the OTP expires in five minutes.

*For the next steps, take or prepare a picture of your government-issued ID and yourself.

Step 5. On the next page, select the type of government ID to be uploaded – the type of valid ID you’ll use.

SIM Card Registration Online Links

Step 6. Tap the “Upload Photo/Take a Photo” button to upload a copy of your valid government-issued ID and your photo.

Step 7. Now, for the next steps, you have to tap and tick the “required” checkbox to agree – especially with “Privacy Notice” and “Attestation of Completeness and Accuracy.”

*For the Marketing, Promotional, and Data Sharing Permissions, it’s up to you if you want to receive telecom promotional messages from SIM network provider, you may tick to check the assigned checkboxes.

Register Philippines SIM Card Online Link Guide

Step 8. Click the “Submit” or “Next” button to finish the SIM card registration process.

Step 9. A reference number will appear on the next page screen to signify completion of registration. You may take a screenshot or photo of it to keep the reference number as proof of registration.

You SIM card is now registered as mandated by the SIM Registration Act. Just click “Register Another” button to register or activate other mobile number.

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Valid IDs, Document Requirements

Mobile subscribers are required to provide a valid government-issued ID and/or similar documents with a photo.

Here’s a list of acceptable valid ID cards and documents in registering SIM cards:

– Passport
– National ID
– Social Security Service ID
– Government Service Insurance System e-Card
– Driver’s License
– National Bureau of Investigation clearance
– Police Clearance
– Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
– Professional Regulation Commission ID
– Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
– Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
– Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
– Voter’s ID
– Senior Citizen’s Card
– Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card
– Person with Disabilities Card
– Other government-issued ID with photo

Mobile subscribers for business or juridical entities must also provide the following: business name, business address, and the full name of a legal signatory.

Foreign national subscribers, please provide: full name, nationality, date of birth, passport, address in the Philippines, and ID number or number of document presented. For Persons of Concern, the type of travel or admission document presented.

A visiting foreign tourist, these must be presented: a passport, proof of address in the Philippines, and a return ticket to his or her own country.


#1: Minor individuals below 18 years old shall be registered in the name of the parent or legal guardian.

#2: Those traveling overseas and are using roaming services are also expected to register.

#3: Smart and Globe postpaid mobile plan users, premium and other business postpaid subscribers which already have their personal data with their respective telecom company may only need to wait for instructions from their network provider.

#4: To subscribers providing false information or documents and who will sell or transfer a registered SIM without complying with the registration requirement will face:

– A prison term ranging from six months to two years
– A fine between P100,000 up to P300,000 and P500,000.

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