Smart 10 Pesos Promos 2019 [UPDATE]

Smart 10 Pesos unli call, text and mobile internet (data) promo list for 2018.

Check this list of Smart prepaid 10 pesos promos if you’re looking for call, text and mobile internet (data) promo for just 10 pesos.

Smart 10 Pesos Unli Call, Text & Mobile Internet (Data) Promo List 2018

Learn how to unli your Smart 10 pesos load below.

Smart 10 Pesos Promo List

Most of the Smart prepaid promos below on have 1 day validity period.

This Smart 10 pesos promo list is grouped into 2:
A. Call, Text & Data
B. Mobile Internet (Data)

Load your Smart Prepaid LTE or Buddy SIM account to register to your chosen promo.

Note: Some promos below are only available to selected areas but you may try to check the promo if it’s available in our area.

A. Call, Text & Data (Combo)

You only have two Smart unli call, text and data promo options for just 10 pesos.

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Unfortunately, Smart didn’t include any promos with unli call inclusion.

Smart didn’t include unli or even minutes of calls in any of these promos.

Instead, they added free messaging apps like FB messenger, Viber, WhatApp, etc.

Choose from the two options below with text to all networks or texts to Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular.

Available Promos:
1. SUPER 10
2. ALL TEXT 10

Check each promo details below:

1. SUPER10

Smart SUPER10 Promo Details:
Unli texts to Smart, TNT, and Sun
Free FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Line and WeChat
Valid for 1 day
10 pesos only
Keyword: SUPER10
To register, text SUPER10 to 9999.


Smart ALL TEXT 10 Promo Details:
Unli texts to all networks
Free Facebook, FB Messenger & Viber apps
Valid for 1 day
10 Pesos only
Keyword: AT10
To register, text AT10 to 9999.

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B. Mobile Internet (Data)

These are the available Smart prepaid mobile internet or data promo list for just 10 pesos this 2018.

Smart 10 pesos data promo packages (from no. 1 to 3) has mobile data allowance for mobile internet access.

With these promos, you can surf the web – visit any website and any mobile app.

Promos no. 4 and 5 are for video streaming using the YouTube app only.

Available Promos:

Check each promo details below:


Smart BIG BYTES 5 Promo Details:
15MB mobile data
Valid for 1 day
5 pesos only
Keyword: BIG5
To register, text BIG5 to 9999.


Smart BIG BYTES 10 Promo Details:
40MB mobile data
200MB for Spinner
Valid for 1 day
10 pesos only
Keyword: BIG10
To register, text BIG10 to 9999.


Smart ALWAYS ON 10 Promo Details:
10MB mobile data
Valid for 1 day
10 pesos only
Keyword: ON 10
To register, text ON 10 to 9999.


Smart VIDEO TIMEOUT 5 Promo Details:
65MB video streaming from YouTube, Vimeo, Dubsmash and Dailymotion
Valid for 1 day
5 pesos only
Keyword: VIDEO5
To register, text YOUTUBE5 to 2200.


Smart VIDEO TIMEOUT 10 Promo Details:
1 hour YouTube video streaming
Valid for 1 hour
10 pesos only
Keyword: VIDEO10
To register, text VIDEO10 to 9999.

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Reminder: Make sure you receive a text message from Smart stating your promo registration is successful before you make any call, text or turning your data connection on.

That’s it!

For any concern or question, you may send a direct message to Smart Communications, Inc.’s official Facebook or Twitter page for further assistance.

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Or you may call their customer service hotline by dialling *777 or *888 on your cellphone using your Smart Prepaid SIM.

You can also leave for your comments regarding this 10 pesos promo list below.

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