SMART GIGASURF 99: 2GB + 1GB / Day ‘Video Every Day’

SMART GIGA SURF 99 promo details in 2019. SMART GIGASURF 99 offers 2GB mobile data and 1GB/Day of Video Every Day for YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, NBA League Pass & Cignal TV.

SMART GIGASURF 99 / GIGA SURF 99 Promo Details 2019

Learn more about SMART GIGASURF 99 — send to, code, extend, freebies, and video every-day.

SMART GIGA SURF 99: Info, Details, Inclusions

SMART GIGASURF 99 has 2GB open access mobile data and 1GB Per Day of Video Every Day for 99 pesos — valid for 7 days.

2GB open access mobile data
1GB/Day of Video Every Day (YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, Cignal TV, and NBA League Pass only)
99 pesos; valid for 7 days/1 week.
• Code: GIGA99

SMART GIGA SURF 99 offers 2GB (2 Gig/Gigabytes) of open access mobile data so you can access and surf any website, and access any mobile apps as well.

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You also get 1GB Per Day of ‘Video Every Day’ for video streaming on YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, Cignal TV, and NBA League Pass (mobile sites/apps only).

How to register to SMART GIGASURF 99?

To register SMART GIGA SURF 99, text GIGA99 to 9999. Subscribers can also register by dialing *121# then choose ‘GIGASURF’.

To check your mobile data allocation left in your data promo and/or active subscriptions, text BAL to 2200.

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You’ll also receive a text message (SMS) notification once your data allocation is nearly used-up.

₱1.00 maintaining balance in not required to register and use this promo.

Who can subscribe to SMART GIGA SURF 99?

SMART GIGASURF 99 is available to Smart Prepaid & Postpaid and Smart Bro Prepaid & Postpaid users.

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How to share or send data to other (Smart & TNT) mobile number?

You can now share your open access mobile data from your Smart GIGASURF subscription to other Smart and Talk ‘N Text number with Smart’s ‘PASA DATA’ service.

Follow these steps: Text PASADATA <space> 11 digit mobile number of receiver <space> amount of data in MB and send it to 808.

Example: PASADATA 09123456789 50MB (send this to 808)

NOTE: You can only share, pass or send data to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid and Talk ‘N Text.

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Pasa Data Reminders:

• ₱1.00 transaction fee will be charged for every successful Pasa Data transaction.

• PasaData service is only available to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid and Talk ‘N Text subscribers.

• 24 hours is the validity period of sent/received data.

• Passed or received data cannot be shared to others again.

• 50MB is the minimum amount of data you can send/share. You can send more than 50MB as long as you still have enough data MB in your active GIGASURF subscription.

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Questions? Message Smart Communications support team on their official Facebook/Twitter page or call *888 (Toll-free via Smart SIM) and (02) 888-1111 (via Hotline). -EkstraTips/Smart

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    1. Hi, availble pa naman po ang 1GB video everyday. Text BAL to 2200 to check your data allocation left in your promo.

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