Smart SIM Registration 2023: Register Smart SIM Card

Here’s the Smart SIM registration guide in 2023. Check the Smart SIM card registration process on how to register, activate Smart SIM card online.

Smart SIM Registration 2023: Register Smart SIM Card Guide

The Smart SIM registration process for the networks subscribers has began. Smart users must provide their full name, date of birth, sex, address, mobile number, ID account number, valid government ID, and a selfie photo.

Telecom companies, like Smart Communications, has authorized online registration platform where its subscribers can register their SIM cards. Subscribers in remote areas and with limited internet connections can also register via telco’s registration booths with the help of Government agencies (DILG, DICT, NTC, DEPED).

This covers all individuals, including Overseas Filipino Workers with active local SIMs with roaming services, foreigners and corporate or business entities.

The Smart registration can be done via the telecom’s online page or in-person at designated booths and centers. Any mobile devices with Smart SIM card, including those prepaid broadband devices, are required by law to register.

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Smart SIM Register

Smart Communications, Inc. launched their online SIM registration portal to provide a convenient, safe and secure way for its subscribers to register their SIM cards. The web portal aims to streamline the SIM registration process. Smart subscribers can also register through the Smart GigaLife mobile app.

To register Smart SIM cards, users can follow a few simple steps on the SIM registration portal. Subscribers must visit online registration webpage and must enter their mobile number to receive an OTP, users are required to input their personal information, upload a valid ID, and submit a selfie photo. Once the registration details are submitted, users must receive a text confirmation to finish the SIM registration process.

Smart SIM Registration Guide 2023

Here is a detailed explanation on how to register a Smart SIM card online on your own.

Moreover, find out more about the crucial information, facts, acceptable ID cards, and documents you must have on hand for the Smart SIM registration process.

Read and follow the detailed instructions below:

1. Access Smart’s SIM card registration website:

2. Enter the 10-digit digit mobile number of SIM card (example: 9198765432) and click the ‘Send OTP‘ button.

*You must tap/tick the checkbox with “I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions” agreement before you can click the ‘Send OTP’ button.

Smart SIM Card Registration - Step-by-Step Process

3. If the SIM card number is eligible to register, you’ll receive text message with a 6-digit OTP on your mobile number. OTP is ‘One Time Password.’

4. Enter the 6-digit numbers OTP on the registration website. The OTP will expires in five minutes. Wait for 2 minutes before resending the code again if you missed the first OTP.

Once your OTP is validated, you can proceed with your Smart SIM registration.

5. Now, enter all required fields and upload your valid ID, selfie photo and/or supporting documents:

How to register Smart SIM card

5.1 Type of Registration: Choose between Newly bought SIM; Old SIM; Newly bought SIM for a Minor; or Old SIM for a Minor

5.2 Valid ID Card: Upload a photo of one valid government-issued ID.

5.3 Upload Selfie Photo: Take a clear selfie picture of yourself

5.4 ID Card Number: Enter your ID card’s account/serial number

5.5 Enter you First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. Users without Middle Name can tap/tick the ‘I have no legal middle name.’

5.6 Now, input your Birthday and Sex, then tap the ‘Next‘ button.

6. On the next page, enter your address information. You can also add an alternate mobile number or email contact information.

7. Click ‘Next‘ button to review your personal information. Simply tap the ‘BACK‘ button for any information changes.

8. Tap or click the first checkbox attesting that you provided the true personal information by you. For the next checkbox, tap it if you want to allow Smart to send you marketing and promotional messages.

Registration Guide 2023

9. To finish the registration process, click the ‘Next‘ button. A reference control number will appear to signify success of the registration process.

10. Take note a copy or screenshot of the reference number for future use.

11. A confirmation SMS (text message) will be sent to your mobile number verifying your account is now registered.

12. Tap the ‘REGISTER ANOTHER SIM‘ button to register another Smart SIM, including TNT and Sun Cellular SIM cards.

Valid IDs, Documents

Telecom subscribers are required to provide an acceptable valid ID with a photo to register.

Here’s a list of official ID cards that will be accepted in registering SIM cards:

– Passport
– National ID
– Social Security Service ID
– Government Service Insurance System e-Card
– Driver’s License
– National Bureau of Investigation clearance
– Police Clearance
– Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
– Professional Regulation Commission ID
– Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
– Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
– Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
– Voter’s ID
– Senior Citizen’s Card
– Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card
– Person with Disabilities Card
– Other government-issued ID with photo

Business Subscribers:
SIM card subscribers for businesses must provide the following:
– Business name
– Business address and
– Full name of a Legal Signatory.

Foreign Tourist:
For visiting foreign tourist, they must present the following documents:
– Passport Copy
– Proof of address in the Philippines and
– Return ticket to his or her own country

Smart SIM Registration Process

Here are other Smart SIM card registration guides for new Smart SIMs activation and other ways to register.

How to Activate New Smart SIM

To register your new Smart SIM card:

1. You need to insert the new SIM in your mobile phone or wifi device. Now turn on or activate the mobile data connection of your device, then open a web browser.

2. Visit to access Smart’s registration portal. Accessing the page is free-of-charge, no data promo pre-subscription is needed.

3. Enter SIM card’s 10-digit mobile number, tap the checkbox agreement below, then tap ‘Send OTP‘ button to verify your mobile number.

4. You’ll get a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP). Now, enter that OTP in the page to confirm registration. Just follow on the next steps, just like your registering a current SIM. See steps above.

Smart SIM Register Methods

Aside from registering online by visiting the link, Smart subscribers can also register SIM cards by:

A. Visit the nearest official Smart Communications stores or SIM Card registration booths and centers in your area.

B. Via GigaLife App: Download/Open the GigaLife App then check the SIM card registration button/services.

C. Smart Facebook Messenger: Contact their Messenger Chatbot further information and updates.

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SIM Registration Reminders

Here are some TNT SIM registration reminders you need to keep in mind:

– Smart SIM cards for people under the age of 18 must be registered in the name of a parent or legal guardian.

– Subscribers abroad with roaming services (traveling or working internationally) requires registration as well.

– Submitting false information or documents to register a SIM card entails a sentence of up to two years in prison and a fine of P100,000 to P300,000.

– Current Smart Postpaid plan subscribers, only need to text “YES” to 5858 to confirm to the registration as their personal information and government-issued IDs are already submitted for their postpaid plan application.

How to Register Smart SIM Card

Here’s a summary of the Smart SIM registration guide:

1. Go to the official Smart SIM registration online website via web browser. Visit:

2. Enter the Smart mobile number, verify it, then provide your personal information, including your full name, sex, birthdate, address, etc.

3. Upload a valid with photo-bearing ID, and take a selfie photo of yourself.

4. Tap or click the first checkbox attesting that every personal information provided by you are true.

5. Review your information and click the “Submit” or “Next” button to finish the registration process.

6. Wait for a reference number to be sent to your mobile number.

7. Secure or keep a copy of the reference number for future reference.

Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro subscribers can register through webpage oth via the GigaLife mobile app.

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