TM EasySurf Promos 2019 [UPDATE]: Touch Mobile

Check this new TM Easysurf promos. It’s just the same with the TM Gosurf promos but with the new easysurf promos, you get more choices for the promo freebies.

tm easysurf promos
TM Easysurf Promos

Learn more about these new TM surf promos, continue reading below to know know more about its components (promo keyword, freebies, etc).

This TM gosurf to easysurf promo changes from TM were noticed during the last days of March 2018. TM also reminded its subscribers about the Easysurf promo changes from Gosurf (maybe) this coming next month of April 2018.

TM Easysurf Promos

These are the options for the new TM mobile internet promo: EASYSURF10, EASYSURF15, EASYSURF30, EASYSURF50, EASYSURF299, EASYSURF599, and EASYSURF999.

The same with Globe and TM Gosurf promos, it has mobile data allocation for mobile internet access and freebie data for any app of your choice from the promo freebie options depending on the surf promo you registered.

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TM easysurf promos are available nationwide. All TM subscribers can only register to these surf promos.

EASYSURF10 – 40 MB mobile data for mobile internet access valid for 1 day for 10 pesos

EASYSURF15 – 40 MB mobile data allocation and 30 MB for Arena of Valor app valid for 2 days for P15

EASYSURF30 – 150 MB mobile data allocation and 50 MB for Facebook, Viber, Snapchat or Pokemon Go valid for 2 days for P30

EASYSURF50 – 1 GB mobile data allocation and 300 MB freebie for choice of apps valid for 3 days for P50. Learn more: EASYSURF50 TM Promo

EASYSURF299 – 1.5 GB mobile data allocation and 1 GB freebie for choice of apps valid for 30 days for P299

EASYSURF599 – 4 GB mobile data allocation and 1 GB freebie for choice of apps valid for 30 days for P599

EASYSURF999 – 8 GB mobile data allocation and 1 GB freebie for choice of apps valid for 30 days for P999

How to register to this TM easysurf promo?

To register to your chosen easysurf promo, just text the promo keyword to 8080. Wait for the confirmation message in our inbox.

Easysurf Freebies

These are the free apps for your easysurf freebie: Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Games (Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans/COC, & Clash Royale), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Daily Motion, Spotify, or; HOOQ and Disney are available freebies for EasySURF 599 and 999.

After you subscribed to this TM promo, you’ll receive a confirmation message about the surf promo, amount of the mobile data allocation, and about the free mobile data from the promo freebie.

You’ll receive a text message regarding your promo freebie like this:

“Ka-TM, ang EasySURF50 mo ay may kasamang libreng 300MB para sa isang app! Piliin ang freebie at mag-reply gamit ang karagdagang keyword (Ex: EZ50 FB).”

NOTE: EASYSURF30 to 999 has more choices for freebie apps; HOOQ and Disney apps are only available to EASYSURF599 and EASYSURF999.

Facebook – text EZ<denom> FB
Twitter – text EZ<denom> TWITTER
Instagram – text EZ<denom> IG
Snapchat – text EZ<denom> SNAPCHAT
Viber – text EZ<denom> VIBER
Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go, COC etc. – text EZ<denom> GAMES
YouTube & Dailymotion – text EZ<denom> VIDEO
Spotify – text EZ<denom> SPOTIFY – text EZ<denom> MU
*HOOQ – text EZ<denom> HOOQ
*Disney – text EZ<denom> DISNEY

This is the new TM easysurf promos that is almost the same with the gosurf promos but with more options for freebies.  Choose from TM internet promo for 1 day or surf TM promo for 1 month or 30 days.

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