Touch Mobile’s (TM) GoSURF is now EasySURF Promos

March 29-30, 2018 – Republika ng TM’s website updated their surf promo with consumable bulk data which is the gosurf to TM easysurf promos.

tm easysurf promo
TM Easysurf Promo for 50 – Screenshot/

NOTE: This story is still under construction (written on March 29-30, 2018) as webmasters notice the new easysurf promo updates from Republika ng TM’s gosurf webpage.

As noticed, TM gosurf promos are almost the same to it’s parent company Globe gosurf promos but with the new TM easysurf promos, it has bigger mobile data allocation and more choices for freebies.

TM Easysurf Promos

Easysurf is the newest TM surf promo with consumable mobile data allocation for mobile internet access as well as freebies (data for free apps) just like the gosurf promos but it’s only exclusive to TM subscribers nationwide.

These are the options for the new TM easysurf promos: EASYSURF10, EASYSURF15, EASYSURF30, EASYSURF50, EASYSURF299, EASYSURF599, and EASYSURF999.

According to TM’s easysurf webpage, gosurf is just the same with the easysurf promo but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use gosurf promos anymore. You can still register to TM gosurf promos you used to register. Still, TM recommends it subscribers to register to the new easysurf promos.

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Next month (April 2018), there will be changes to easysurf promo for ka-TM subscribers. We will soon update this post about that changes from TM.

TM Easysurf vs Gosurf Promos

TM gosurf promos have freebies of Spotify Basic for 10 to 99 pesos and Spotify Premium for 299 to 2499 pesos only. For the new TM EasySurf promos, for 50 up to 999 pesos, you have many choices of freebies. Just to further clarify, HOOQ and Disney freebies are only available to easysurf 599 and 999.

With the new easysurf promo, it has its new promo keywords or code. The same Globe & TM promos, the easysurf promos and freebie keywords should be sent to Globe’s access numer which is 8080.

The easysurf keywords are EZ<denom> or EASYSURF<denom>. Here are examples – EZ50 or EASYSURF50 and EZ30 or EASYSURF30.

Choices for free apps: Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Games like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube/Daily Motion, Spotify, or; HOOQ and Disney are available freebies for EasySURF 599 and 999

To learn more about this new TM surf promo and freebies options, check – Easysurf Promos

Last Update: March 31, 2018




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