TM SIM Registration Link Online 2023: TM SIM Card Guide

Check this complete TM SIM card registration online link guide in 2023. See the official TM SIM registration link, the step-by-step guide and some SIM card registration facts.

TM SIM Registration Link Online 2023

TM subscribers are given until April 26, 2023 to register their SIM cards to avoid deactivation of their mobile numbers.

The TM SIM card registration is required by the SIM Registration Act in the country to protect subscribers from SMS spams, online scams, and other illegal activities involving mobile network services.

TM SIM Registration Link 2023

The official TM SIM registration link is:

This registration portal is same with Globe subscribers because TM Tambayan (Touch Mobile) is a subsidiary company owned by Globe Telecom. Subscribers can also register via the GlobeOne App.

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TM SIM Card Registration Online Link Guide

Prepare and provide your personal information, acceptable ID cards, documents, and registration facts, you must provide on your TM SIM card registration process.

Read and follow the step-by-step guide below:

1. Open a web browser and access the official TM SIM card registration online link portal, by visiting this link:

2. Enter your 10-digit TM mobile number (example: 9176543298), then click or tap the “Register” button.

3. Wait for the ‘One-Time Password’ or ‘OTP’ text message to the mobile number you’re registering if its eligible for registration.

TM SIM Card Registration Link

The 6-Digit OTP code expires in 5 minutes only. You can resend a new OTP after incase you missed the first code SMS.

4. Enter the OTP code in the fields on the registration page. You can now proceed with the TM SIM registration after validation of your mobile number.

5. Now, enter the following required personal information:

TM SIM Card Registration Online Link - Step 5

NOTE: Fields with the red Asterisk symbol (*) are required.

– Name (First, Middle, Last Name)
– Birthday
– Gender
– Nationality
– Registration Type
– Address

The ‘Registration Type’ options include: Owner, Parent/Legal Guardian, or Authorized Signatory/Representative

Under the ‘Address’ section, enter the: Unit no./House no./Building name, Street, Province, City, Barangay, and ZIP Code.

Tap/click the “Next” button to continue the SIM registration process.

TM Registration Link - Steps 6, 7

6. On the next page, choose the valid ID you will use from the ‘ID Type,’ then enter it’s ‘ID account number.’

Just choose the “Others” option if you can’t find the kind of valid ID you’re uploading.

You can also take a picture of the ID card then just upload it.

7. Upload or take a selfie photo of yourself. Take a clear picture in a bright area to capture a clear selfie face.

Tap/click the “Next” button to continue again.

8. Check the ‘Required‘ checkboxes to agree to Globe Telecom’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Other checkboxes are optional. To receive a promotional messages or if you want to allow Globe to share your personal data to its other companies.

9. Tap /click the “Submit” button for final step.

10. Check for the ‘Reference Number‘ to appear on the screen. This is the proof of your SIM card registration to TM/Globe.

Keep a copy of this Reference Number for future use and reference. Take a screenshot, or write down the number and letters combination.

That’s it. Your TM SIM card is now registered. Subscribers can also register via the GlobeOne App.

If you have other TM, Globe or other SIM card to register, just tap the “Register another number” button to repeat the process.

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TM SIM Registration Number

TM subscribers must enter first the TM mobile number on the online registration webpage to verify and be eligible to register their SIM card. The user must enter the 10-digit mobile number (example: 9171234567) and click “Register” then a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number via SMS.

Enter that OTP in the page to verify that it’s a ‘TM Tambayan’ mobile number eligible to be registered.

New TM SIM Card Registration

For new TM SIM card registration link guide , the user can register exactly the same:

1. Insert the new SIM in your phone (or wifi device), then turn on it’s mobile data connection. Now open the web browser. For WiFi device users, connect your computer, phone, tablet to that device via WiFi.

2. Visit link portal to access the registration page. Access to the page is free-of-charge

3. Enter TM SIM card’s 10-digit mobile number, then tap “Register” button to verify.

4. Wait for the 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) text message on your phone, then enter that OTP in the page to confirm registration.

5. Now, just follow on the next steps, just like registering a current Globe SIM. See step above, start from #5.

TM MyFi Device Users

To register TM MyFi mobile number, just follow the Steps 1-3 above. Now, follow the steps below to receive and retrieve or get your One Time Password (OTP) text message in your MyFi modem’s dashboard.

1. Connect your phone or computer to your MyFi WiFi network with it’s admin username and password.

2. Enter/type on the web browser’s URL bar to access the modem’s dashboard online.

3. Enter the username and password you created (or standard username/password) for your MyFi modem, then click the Log-In button.

4. From the dashboard, look and click for the ‘Inbox’ section to check on your message. Now look for the OTP text message to retrieve the code.

5. Now, remember that code and enter it on the OTP validation field on the SIM registration page to verify the number. Continue by following the steps above starting from #5 to finish your SIM card registration.

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Other Ways to SIM Registration

TM SIM subscribers can also register their SIM cards by:

A. Visit the nearest official Globe Telecom stores or SIM registration booths and centers in your area since TM is Globe’s subsidiary.

B. Via GlobeOne App: Download/Open the GlobeOne App then check the SIM card registration button/services.

Valid IDs, Documents

TM SIM users who will register are required to upload a valid government-issued ID card.

Here’s the list of acceptable valid ID cards:

– Passport
– National ID
– Social Security Service ID
– Government Service Insurance System e-Card
– Driver’s License
– National Bureau of Investigation clearance
– Police Clearance
– Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
– Professional Regulation Commission ID
– Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
– Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
– Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
– Voter’s ID
– Senior Citizen’s Card
– Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card
– Person with Disabilities Card
– Other government-issued ID with photo

Business Subscribers:
SIM card subscribers for businesses must provide the following:
– Business name
– Business address and
– Full name of a Legal Signatory.

Foreign Tourist:
For visiting foreign tourist, they must present the following documents:
– Passport Copy
– Proof of address in the Philippines and
– Return ticket to his or her own country


– Those under the age of 18 years old, or minor, must register in the name of a parent or legal guardian.

– SIM users can register multiple SIM cards under one name. However, the subscriber must register each SIM separately.

– Those SIM users with roaming services abroad (traveling or working internationally) are also required to register as well.

– Submitting false information, IDs or documents in the SIM registration process entails up to two years in prison sentence and as well as fines of P100,000 up to P300,000.

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