TNT FB10: 1GB Facebook Access, 3 Days (Talk ‘N Text)

Learn about Talk ‘N Text (TNT) FB10 / FACEBOOK10 promo offers. TNT FB10 is an affordable Talk ‘N Text Facebook app data promo for 10 pesos only.

TNT FB10 - Talk 'N Text FACEBOOK10

Check TNT Facebook 10 promo details, inclusions, and how to subscribe below.

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What is TNT FB10 / FACEBOOK10?

Talk ‘N Text FB10 (FACEBOOK10) is TNT Babad App’s affordable Facebook app promo. TNT FB 10 offers 1GB app data for Facebook access only for 3 days for just 10 pesos only.

TNT FB10 / FACEBOOK10 Promo Details:

· 1GB app data for Facebook app/site
· Valid for 3 days; requires ₱10 load
· Text FB10 or FACEBOOK10 to 4545

The 1GB Facebook app data is only good for 3 days and it’s not a 1GB per day (daily) offer.

You might even consume the 1GB app data in less than 3 days if you’re a heavy Facebook user. If you do, you can still register to Talk ‘N Text (TNT) FB10 again.

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Note also that the 1GB app data inclusion is not an all-access data that can access any app or site. That means the FB app data can only access the Facebook app or site.

Now, if you’re registered to TNT FB 10, you can still register to othe TNT combo or data promo offers. In that way, you don’t need to stop or unsubscribe to Talk ‘N Text / TNT FB10.

How to register TNT FB10?

To register, send FACEBOOK10 or FB10 to 4545. Registration via *143# is also possible, dial *143# using your TNT SIM, then navigate to: Other Offers > NEW FB > 10

After a successful registration to TNT FACEBOOK10, you can login or create and access your Facebook account.

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Access Facebook through the FB Android/iOS app, FB Lite Android app, or via Facebook sites like, or

You can now upload and publish your own posts, browse your newsfeed/timeline, like, comment, share posts, or watch videos.

Is FB10 still available in TNT?

As of today, Talk ‘N Text / TNT FB10 is still available nationwide. However, it may not be available to other areas.

You may receive a notification if the promo is not available anymore or is not available in your particular area.

For inquiries or questions, send message to TNT’s Customer Support on their official social page, or call *888 using TNT SIM for free.

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