GOSURF99: 200MB Data, 1GB Freebie – 30 Days [UPDATE]

Try this GOSURF99 surf promo from Globe and TM gosurf promos that is valid for 30 days.


If you looking for Globe surf promo, you can try this. To read the full details about this GOSURF 99 promo, continue reading below to learn more about it.


When you register to this GOSURF99 promo from gosurf, you get 200MB mobile data for mobile internet access (web and app browsing) and 1GB free data for any app of your choice from the app freebie options valid for 30 days for 99 pesos worth of Globe prepaid load.

These are your options for the GOSURF99 freebie apps – Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify Basic, Instagram, Musically, YouTube/Dailymotion, HOOQ, Disney, and Games. For games, you can play any of these mobile gaming apps like Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans (COC), Clash Royale, Mobile Legends and Pokemon Go. See freebie app keyword below.

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Promo details:
200MB Data for mobile internet access
1GB Freebie data
30 Days/1 Month validity period
99 Pesos

How to register GOSURF99?

For Globe prepaid, TM & Tattoo prepaid users, just text GOSURF99 or GS99 send to 8080. Wait for the confirmation message in your inbox. For Globe postpaid users, this promo is NOT AVAILABLE.

How to register gosurf freebies this promo?

To register freebie from your GOSURF99 promo subscription, just text the freebie keyword of the mobile app you want. See the freebie options and keyword below.

For Games like Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans (COC), Clash Royale, Mobile Legends and Pokemon Go – GS99 GAMES

Facebook – text GS99 FB
Viber – text GS99 VIBER
Twitter – text GS99 TWITTER
Snapchat – text GS99 SNAPCHAT
Spotify Basic – text GS99 SPOTIFY
Instagram – text GS99 IG
Musical.ly – text MU
YouTube and Dailymotion – text GS99 VIDEO
HOOQ – text GS99 HOOQ
Disney – text GS99 DISNEY

Who can register to GOSURF99 promo?

Globe prepaid, TM at Globe tattoo prepaid users only can register to this Gosurf promo. This Globe surf promo is also available to Globe pocket wifi prepaid, Globe home prepaid wifi and Globe tattoo USB stick.

What can you do with 200MB mobile data allocation?

With that 200MB mobile data, you visit any website and use any mobile app that needs internet access to work. See how many data (KB/MB) will be used from mobile data allocation when you do any online activities from below:

Send 1 chat message – 20KB
Post 1 text-only Facebook status/comment – 30KB
post 1 photo on Instagram – 250KB
Send 1 email with attachment – 300KB
Browse 1 webpage (website) with photos – 1.3MB
Stream 4-minute song – 2.5MB
Stream 4-minute video – 13MB

How to check balance or status of my Gosurf promo?

To check the balance or status of your gosurf promo, just text GOSURF STATUS send to 8080.

How to check remaining data balance or status of my GOSURF99 freebie?

To check status of your freebie, simply text GS99 <freebie> STATUS (examples: GS99 FB STATUS & GS99 GAMES STATUS) send to 8080.

How to unsubscribe or stop Gosurf promo subscription?

To stop your gosurf subscription, just text GS STOP send to 8080. NOTE: Any unused mobile data from your gosurf promo subscription when you unsubscribe will be lost.

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These are the details of this unlisurf globe promo you’ll get when you’re registered to GOSURF99.

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If you have any questions or concerns about this Globe and TM gosurf promo, let us know by commenting below or you can call Globe customer service by dialing 211 using your Globe mobile number or 808 using your TM mobile number.

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    1. Hello Analy,

      Check po ninyo ang TM EasySurf promos para sa mobile internet. Hindi na po gumagana ang GOSURF99. Then kung nakaregister na po kayo at malapit nang mag-expire, dial po ninyo ang *143# then select po ninyo ang EASYSURF » Add Validity.

    1. Pasensya na po. Opo hindi na po siya gumagana. Are you aware of Gosakto’s data promos like GOTSCOMBODD70 and GOTSCOMBODD90 for 1GB and 2GB mobile data allocation with unli all net texts – both valid for 7 days. You may check the link po if you’re new to these promos.

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