Globe GOSURF Promos 2019 [UPDATE]: Mobile Internet/Data

Globe and Touch Mobile or TM’s GOSURF data promo plan offers consumable mobile data allocation in bulk for internet surfing.

These mobile data promos are available to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM subscribers; and to Globe Tattoo Broadband USB Sticks/Plugins, Globe Pocket WiFi, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users.

Gosurf promos lets its subscribers surf the web and use any mobile apps. And for that to happen, you need to register to Globe mobile internet promos like GOSURF.

Globe gosurf internet data promos
Gosurf Data Promo Plans from Globe and TM for Mobile Internet Surfing

Globe and TM GOSURF Data Promo Plans

Globe network and TM’s mobile internet, users can choose mobile data promos from Globe Gosurf plans for 10, 15, 30, 50, 99, 299, 599 and 999 pesos.

Globe Gosurf promos are also available to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Touch Mobile (TM), Globe Tattoo Broadband USB stick or plugins, and to Globe Pocket WiFi Prepaid (LTE/4G) devices.

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Browse any website and use your favorite mobile apps with these mobile data promos from Globe.

Below are the different Globe Gosurf promo variant you can choose from:

1. Globe GOSURF 10
» 40MB Data
» ₱10 – Valid for 1 day
» Text GOSURF10 to 8080

2. Globe GOSURF 15
» 40MB Data
» 30MB for Mobile Legends app
» ₱15 – Valid for 2 days
» Text GOSURF15 to 8080

3. Globe GOSURF 30
» 150MB Data
» 50MB Freebie data
» ₱30 – Valid for 2 days
» Text GOSURF30 to 8080

4. Globe GOSURF 50 (3 Days)
» 1000MB (1GB) Data
» 300MB Freebie data
» Unlimited texts to all networks
» ₱50 – Valid for 3 days
» Text GOSURF50 to 8080

5. Globe GOSURF 50 (5 Days)
» 350MB (0.35GB) Data
» 300MB Freebie data
» Unlimited texts to all networks
» ₱50 – Valid for 5 days
» Text GOSURF505D to 8080

» 200MB Data
» 1000MB (1GB) Freebie data
» ₱99 – Valid for 30 days
» Text GOSURF99 to 8080

7. Globe GOSURF 299
» 1500MB (1.5GB) Data
» 1000MB (1GB) Freebie data
» ₱299 – Valid for 30 days (1 month)
» Text GOSURF299 to 8080

7. Globe GOSURF 599
» 4000MB (4GB) Data
» 1000MB (1GB) Freebie data
» ₱599 – Valid for 30 days
» Text GOSURF599 to 8080

8. Globe GOSURF 999
» 8000MB (8GB) Data
» 1000MB (1GB) Freebie data
» ₱599 – Valid for 30 days (1 month)
» Text GOSURF999 to 8080

To check the status of your Gosurf subscription and know how many data allocation are left from your promo, just text GOSURF STATUS to 8080 for free.

To extend your Globe GoSurf Promo for another day for just ₱5, text GS ROLLOVER to 8080. If it’s not working, you can try GS EXTEND5 or GS EXTEND to 8080. This applies to GOSURF 15 and above.

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Globe GOSURF Freebies

Gosurf freebies from Globe are mobile data which are allocated to a specific mobile app service only. You can get Globe freebies starting from GOSURF 30 and above.

Examples of Gosurf freebie apps you can choose from are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Dailymotion, Mobile Games, Viber, Spotify Basic, Snapchat,, HOOQ, and Disney.

How to register GOSURF freebie?

Register to use your GOSURF freebie data by simply texting the keyword of the freebie app of your choice to 8080.

For example, text GS50 FB to 8080. This is GOSURF 50’s freebie code for Facebook. More example of freebie codes/keywords for Gosurf 50:

GS50 VIDEO (Youtube & Dailymotion)

Under the code for Games, you can play Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans (COC), Clash Royale, Mobile Legends or Pokemon Go in just one text.

Continue below to find more about freebies for Globe Gosurf.

Globe Freebie Codes/Keyword List

Now here’s your freebie codes/keywords guide for other Gosurf promo variants.


A. From the code or keyword below, replace the XX from GSXX with the denom or the worth of the Gosurf promo variant you registered. Refer to some examples for guidance.

B. Gosurf promos with freebies only start from ₱30 and above.

1. Games: Text GSXX GAMES (e.g. GS30 GAMES, GS50 GAMES, GS299 GAMES)

2. Facebook: Text GSXX FB (e.g. GS30 FB, GS50 FB, GS299 FB)

3. Viber: Text GSXX VIBER (e.g. GS30 VIBER, GS50 VIBER, GS299 VIBER)



6. Spotify Basic: Text GSXX SPOTIFY (e.g.Examples: GS30 SPOTIFY, GS50 SPOTIFY, GS299 SPOTIFY)

7. Instagram: Text GSXX IG (e.g. GS30 IG, GS50 IG, GS299 IG)

8. Text MU (e.g. GS30 MU, GS50 MU, GS299 MU)

9. YouTube & Dailymotion: Text GSXX VIDEO (e.g. GS30 VIDEO, GS50 VIDEO, GS299 VIDEO)

10. HOOQ: Text GSXX HOOQ (e.g. GS30 HOOQ, GS50 HOOQ, GS299 HOOQ)

11. Disney: Text GSXX DISNEY (e.g. GS30 DISNEY, GS50 DISNEY, GS299 DISNEY)

To check the status of your Gosurf freebie app promo and know how many data allocation are left, just text GSXX <freebie> STATUS to 8080. (e.g. GS30 FB STATUS, GS50 GAMES STATUS, GS299 VIDEO STATUS)

Here are some guide to know how many data are used when do any of these online activities:

1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB) = 1,000,000 Kilobytes (KB)

1 Megabyte (MB) = 1000 Kilobytes (KB)

Send 1 chat message: 20KB  (up to 2x)
Post 1 text-only Facebook status/comment: 30KB (up to 2x)
Post 1 photo on Facebook/Instagram: 250KB (up to 2x)
Send 1 email with attachment: 300KB (up to 2x)
Browse 1 webpage (website) with photos: 1.3MB (up to 2x)
Stream 4-minute song: 2.5MB (up to 2x)
Stream 4-minute video: 13MB (up to 2x)

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Globe and TM’s SUPERSURF vs GOSURF Promos Review

Globe and TM GOSURF data promo allocations are somehow limited for mobile internet surfing. However, these Globe promos have more advantages.

It has more promo choices and some have a longer validity period.

Globe Prepaid’s SUPERSURF promos, on the other hand, are more expensive with shorter validity period and has limited promo choices.

You only have 4 options for SUPERSURF plans starting from ₱50, ₱120, ₱200 and ₱999.

From our first opinion, SUPERSURF is better option when you’re willing to spend P999 which is valid for 30 days or 1 month web surfing.

Second, if you’re not a type of heavy internet user who does online activities like streaming HD movies and downloading big files or updating softwares.

With SUPERSURF 999, you can only enjoy unlimited internet access of up to 800MB per day. Which means, you CAN NOT do online activities that require more than 800MB.

In the case of Globe Gosurf mobile data promos, say, for example, you registered to GOSURF 999. This promo has 8GB open-access data and 1GB freebie data which are allocated to a specific app service only.

From that 8GB data allocation, you can use more than 800MB data for a day, unlike SUPERSURF promos having that data limit.

Any online activity, for example, movie streaming, you can use that 8GB in a span of 1 hour, 3 or maybe even 6 hours depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gosurf Promo from Globe Telecom network.

Who can register to these Globe Gosurf promos?

Globe postpaid, prepaid, TM (Touch Mobile) and Tattoo prepaid subscribers can register to Globe Gosurf. These surf promos are also available for Globe pocket WiFi and Globe Home Prepaid WiFi.

Can I register to any Gosurf promo at the same time?

Yes. You can register any Gosurf promo at the same time. The allocation for mobile data will added together, but for the freebie, you only have one freebie per Gosurf variant at one time.

Also, this means you can also register to another Gosurf promo while your current promo is not yet expired.

How to check data balance and status of my Gosurf promo?

To check data balance or status of your GOSURF subscription, just text GOSURF STATUS send to 8080 for free.

How to check data balance or status of my Gosurf freebie?

To check data balance or status of Gosurf freebie subscription, simply text GSXX <freebie> STATUS Examples: GS50 FB STATUS or GS299 GAMES STATUS send to 8080.

How to unsubscribe or stop Gosurf subscription?

To unsubscribe or stop your subscription from Globe Gosurf, just text GS STOP send to 8080.


1. When stop your subscription and there are mobile data left on your Gosurf promo and freebie, those mobile data allocations will be excluded.

2. Also, don’t expect any refund of your Globe prepaid load credits once your registration to the promo is successful.

Does Gosurf have the 800MB/day data cap limit like the Supersurf promos?

No. Globe Gosurf is not like the promos from Globe Supersurf.

This data promo has a consumable bulk data allocation which you can use up to more than 1GB per day depending on the data allocation of the promo you had registered.

That’s it! The complete list of GOSURF promos from Globe.

For any further questions or concern about this data promo plans, leave your comment/s below.

Sources: Globe 

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