Globe GoSURF50: 5GB Data (2GB + 1GB/Day App Data), All-Net Text, 1GB GoWiFi

Learn more about Globe GoSURF50 (GS50) promo details & inclusions. Check how to subscribe & register to GoSURF 50 / GS50 WNP, SNS, LNT & LNW, extend, or stop the promo. Globe Go SURF 50 is a data & text combo promo.

Globe GoSURF50 Promo Details

What is GoSURF50?

Globe GoSURF50 or GS50 promo offers 2GB all-access data (originally 1GB), 1GB per day for one app content bundle, unli all-net texts, and 1GB GoWiFi access. For 50 pesos only, the GoSURF 50 promo is valid for 3 days.

You can choose app bundles from GoWATCH&PLAY, GoSHARE&SHOP, GoLISTEN&TRAVEL or GoLEARN&WORK options.

Globe does not offer GOSAKTO50 but it does offer Globe GoSURF50 & GO50 promos.

» GO50: 5GB All-Access Data, Unli All-Net Text, 1GB GoWiFi

· 2GB all-access data (oririginally 1GB)
· 1GB per day for your choice app content bundle
· Unlimited texts to all networks
· 1GB GoWiFi access

You can only use the free 1GB GoWIFI access when you connect to Globe WiFi hotspots that are only available in select malls, transport terminals, parks, and other public places where the WiFi hotspots are available.

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Turn on your device’s WiFi feature, search and connect to ‘GoSurf_FreeWiFi’ or ‘EasySurf_FreeWiFi’. A webpage will pop-up to register the mobile number you used to subscribe to GoSURF50.

How can I register Globe GoSURF 50?

Text GOSURF50 or GS50 to 8080 to register Globe GoSURF 50. Wait for the confirmation text message.

You can also dial *143# using your Globe SIM, enter and send the corresponding number for ‘All-Time Favorites,’ go to ‘Surfing,’ then ‘GoSURF.’

» GOSAKTO90: 2GB All-Access Data, Unli All-Net Text, 1GB Daily on App Contents

How to subscribe to app content bundle?

You have 4 groups of freebie app contents to choose from which are GoWATCH&PLAY, GoSHARE&SHOP, GoLISTEN&TRAVEL and GoLEARN&WORK app bundles.

Check the available apps/sites on each Globe GS50 WNP, SNS, LNT & LNW bundle and how to register and claim your chosen 1GB/day freebie app contents.


Watch on YouTube, Netflix, NBA, VLive, Viu, ONE, iflix, and HBO Go…

Play mobile games like Marvel Super War, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Clash of Clans (COC), PUBG, Call of Duty, and Free Fire.

» To redeem WATCH&PLAY app bundle, text GS50 WNP send to 8080.

» GO90: 8GB All-Access Data, Unli All-Net Text, 1GB GoWiFi

B. GOSHARE&SHOP: Access and browse Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter; or shop online via Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee.

» To redeem SHARE&SHOP app contents, text GS50 SNS send to 8080.

C. GOLISTEN&TRAVEL: Stream songs on YouTube Music, Spotify, and or WeSing; Use Grab, Google Maps, and Waze.

» To redeem LISTEN&TRAVEL app bundle, text GS50 LNT send to 8080.

D. GOLEARN&WORK: Access YouTube Learning, Wikipedia, Zoom, Viber, and Whatsapp.

» To redeem LEARN&WORK app contents, text GS50 LNW send to 8080.

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How many GB is GoSURF50?

The Globe GoSURF 50 promo offers a total of 5GB accessible data, plus the additional 1GB GoWiFi access when you connecto to available Globe WiFi hotspots.

How can I extend my GoSURF50 subscription?

To extend your GoSURF 50 registration, have at least 5 pesos loaded in your number, then text GS EXTEND to 8080.

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How do I check my GoSURF50 subscription status?

To check your Globe Go SURF 50 subscription status, text GS50 STATUS or GOSURF STATUS to 8080. For complete data and freebie app status, text DATA BAL to 8080. Wait for the SMS text notification.

How do you stop GoSURF50?

To stop your Globe Go SURF 50 subscription, text GOSURF STOP to 8080. You can also try GS50 STOP to 8080. Any unused data will be forfeited.

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How to share or send Globe GoSURF50?

To share GoSURF 50 promo, just text GOSURF50 to 2 + 10-digit number of recipient. Example: Text the keyword GOSURF50 to 29123456789.

You’ll be charged 1 for each successful Share-A-Promo transaction.

Available Add-On Options

Here are the available add-ons on top of your Globe Go SURF 50 subscription.

A. GoBOOST15: For additional 1GB all-access data, text GOBOOST15 to 8080 — requires 15 pesos load credits, valid for 1 day only.

B. GoWATCH29: For additional 2GB video streaming (on YouTube, Tribe, Netflix or HOOQ), text GOWATCH29 to 8080 — requires 29 pesos load credits, valid for 1 day only.

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For other add-ons, dial *143# then navigate to ‘All-Time Favorites’ > ‘GoSURF50’ > ‘Add-ons’ then check the list of add-ons.

1. Add Video MBs: GOWATCH29 – 2GB for YouTube, Tribe, Netflix, HOOQ (₱29, 1 day)

2. Add Surfing MBs: 100MB (₱15, 1 day)

3. Add Validity / Extend: Extend your unused MBs (₱5, 1 day)

4. Add Unli Calls and Texts: Unli10 – Add unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM (₱10, 1 day)

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Is GoSURF50 available in TM?

It used to be but now Globe GoSURF50 is only available to Globe Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers. TM now has its own mobile internet promo which is the EasySURF promos.

Instead of GoSURF 50, TM users can register to EASYSURF50 promo.

And that’s the updated new Globe GoSURF50 (GS50) promo details and inclusions for 2021.

For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name. Source: Globe Telecom #1 & #2

98 thoughts on “Globe GoSURF50: 5GB Data (2GB + 1GB/Day App Data), All-Net Text, 1GB GoWiFi

    1. Hi, hindi po yata pwede dahil ang official offers na pwede sa Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi ay GOSURF50 at HOMESURF/HOMEWATCH.

  1. Boss, pa’no mag-GS extend sa Globe at home prepaid? Text GS EXTEND to “2” + 10 digit mobile din ba nung modem?

    1. Hello, hindi po yata pwede ang ang GS EXTEND sa Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. Subukin ‘nyo po mag-register sa add-on na HOMESURF15.

      1. Okay, Thank you!
        I was thinking of a way kasi to extend my allocations, hindi kasi nauubos ung GB from HOMESURF999, like today meron pakong 90+GB pero maeexpire na sya. Sayang lang din.

        Anyhow, thanks a lot sa prompt response.

        1. Sayang po talaga. Pwede na po kasi ang 4GB+ per month sa isang average user at 10GB+ sa mga heavy data users. Pwede rin naman kayo mag-register sa mas murang homesurf offer na may 30 days validity kung gusto ‘nyo i-rollover ang remaining mobile data allowance ‘nyo.

        1. Care to share? Hehe Kakabili ko lang din ng Home WiFi eh and paiba-iba yung gamit ko ng internet. Minsan heavy user, minsan light lang. So bago sana ako pumili ng promo, I’m looking of ways kung paano maeextend yung remaining MBs kung sakaling meron man. Hehe Thanks!

          1. Hi, to extend your gosurf promo subscription, reload at least 5 pesos, then text GS EXTEND to 8080. Pwede rin na before mag-expire ang Gosurf subscription ‘nyo, mag-register kayo ulit nang gosurf promo pa ma-carry-over o ma-stack ang unused all-access data ‘nyo.

  2. Hello po, ano po bang registration ang pwedeng mag extend ng gs50 for a long period of time? (Hindi ung gsextend ha). Sayang kasi ang mb ko, maliit lang talaga kasi ginagamit kong data.

    1. Hi, ang pwede lang po ay ang GSEXTEND o ‘di po kaya ay mag-register sa pareho o ibang Gosurf promo na may mas mahabang validity.

  3. Hello po, ask lang po paano ma-consume yung free 1GB FB & IG and 1GB FB ko? Kasi ‘pag nag-data ako, fb app ang open ko, ang nababawasan yung data ko mismo, hindi yung sa Free FB, tapos sayang lang yung GB ko na free tapos kinokonsumo nya yung data ko talaga. Paano ma-adjust yun? Paano ma-consume yung free 1GB ko na freebie?

    1. Hi, yung isang 1GB FB po ba ay ‘yon yung pinili ‘nyo na ‘1GB for an app of your chioce’? Araw-araw po kasi na nagre-refresh ang free 1GB FB at IG. Para sa status ng subscription ‘nyo, text GOSURF STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080.

      Sa susunod na lang po na registration ‘nyo nang GOSURF50, sa ibang ‘app choices’ na lang po kayo mag-register dahil may 1GB FB & IG naman po kayo araw-araw.

    2. I already reported this same problem twice now. And I’m still encountering the same problem everytime I registered in gs50 or ez50. Whenever I tried watching an hour long ep. in viu, I’ll be receiving a notif from Globe saying that I only have 200 plus mbs left in my data. And upon checking my data total consumable of int data, WNP has always the lowest deduction of mb’s even if i watched viu for freaking hours. Hello TM, ibalik nyo na lang yung 2gb video consumables kesa sa WNP and SNS freebies nyo ngayon cause its useless.

      1. Hello, you can contact and share your experience on their official fb/twitter page or call their costumer support. We guess, some may encounter a glitch like this since the new update of this inclusion is still more or less than a month.

  4. Invalid keyword ang reply ng 8080 ‘pag nagte-text ako pagre-register. My phone cannot accommodate *143# so this is really annoying.

    1. Hello, invalid po ang keyword, ibig sabihin may mali sa keyword. Dapat po GOSURF50 ang ite-text ‘nyo. Subukin ‘nyo rin po ang GS50 to 8080.

  5. Nag-register ako gosurf 50 pero hindi talaga gumana ang internet, mae-expire na lang ngayon hindi ko nagamit. P***** i**

    1. Hello, kung hindi po gumagana ang mobile internet ng inyong mobile phone, baka hindi pa po na-activate ang mobile surfing sa phone ‘nyo. Subukin ‘nyo po i-text ang SET to 211. To learn more how to manually configure, click here.

    1. Hi, wala pong netflix sa freebie choices. Pwede ‘nyo lang po ma-access ang netflix gamit ang 1GB open access mobile data inclusion ng Gosurf50 subcription ‘nyo.

  6. Paano naman po i-claim ang gosurf50 freebies? Kailangan ko pa ba ng load para ma-claim ito? Ba’t po ‘di po ma-send ang GS50 GAMES to 8080? Paki-solve naman po.

    1. Hello, wala po ba kayong active subscription na GS50 bago kayo nag-register ng bagong GS50 o meron po? Kasi po kapag hindi pa po expired ang dati ‘nyong GS50 susbcription at nag-register po kayo ulit ng bagong GS50, hindi ‘nyo po makukuha ang bagong ‘1GB app of your choice’ freebie unless GOSURF299 or up ang ni-register ‘nyo.

  7. ‘Di ko ma-claim freebie ko. Pa’no ko ba to kunin, naka-register naman ako ng gs50 pero nung nag-try ako mag-claim, ang reply ay sorry kailangan kang naka-register sa gosurf promo. Ano ba pwede ko gawin?

    1. Hello, wala po ba kayong active subscription na GS50 bago kayo nag-register ng bagong GS50 o meron po? Kasi po kapag hindi pa po expired ang dati ‘nyong GS50 susbcription at nag-register po kayo ulit ng bagong GS50, hindi ‘nyo po makukuha ang bagong ‘1GB app of your choice’ freebie unless GOSURF299 or up ang ni-register ‘nyo.

    1. Hello, subukin ‘nyo po ‘to: I-text ang GOSURF50 sa 2 + 10-digit phone number (example: 29167654321). Palitan ‘nyo lang po 0 sa unahan ng 11-digit phone number ng 2.

    1. Hello, wala po talaga dahil para sa video streaming at mobile gameing apps lang po ang free 2GB at ang fb messenger naman po ay isang messaging app. Kaya ang gagamitin ng messenger ay ang 1GB open access mobile data.

  8. Good day! Ano po ba nangyayari? Bugged po ba or what? Used ko na po mag-register sa EZ50 or GS50, same lang naman po yan ‘di ba? Both checkable yung balance typing either EZ STATUS or GOSURF STATUS so what happened is ‘di na po ako nagpa-load mga 1 week ata. ‘Di ako nag-register sa surfing promos na ‘to tapos kahapon lang ako nagpa-load ulit.

    Shocked ako na may nag-notify na 200mb na lang data ko. Like what? Nag-YT lang naman ako eh. Tapos chineck ko po yung balance then walang go watch and play. Anyare po ba? Dati meron sa status tapos ngaun wala na. Nag-search2x ako ‘yung iba ganun din pero normal din yung iba.

    So I wonder what happened po. And may sinabi na wnp status tapos sabi is ‘di daw ako para sa promo na iyon. Dapat daw muna mag-register sa EZ50 eh registered naman po. Ano po bang nangyari? Patulong naman po please. Sayang talaga eh.

    Please pa-help naman po. Paano yung fix or kung wala na nga ba talaga? Sayang naman kasi. Kati din ng load sa bulsa. Salamat po 🙂

    1. Hello, para po sa status ng inyong free 2GB GOWATCH/GOPLAY, text WNP STATUS to 8080. Kung gusto ‘nyo po malaman lahat ng data at freebie status ng inyong TM/Globe promo subscription, text DATA BAL to 8080.

      Tandaan ‘nyo rin po na malakas gumamit ng data ang pag-video streaming (sa youtube, facebook watch, netflix, etc.) lalo na po kung ang video resolution/quality nito ay mas mataas (144p, 240p, 360p, etc.).

  9. Bakit hindi ko magamit yung free 2gb for gowatch and goplay? Last July 4, 1019 lang ako nagpaload at hindi naman ako nagsu-surf bukod sa paggamit ko ng messenger app. Pero nung chineck ko ‘yung internet usage ang sabi:

    Data: 89.62mb & Gosurf Free wifi: 1gb remaining. Bakit walang notif. about sa gowatch and play e nag-youtube ako at nanood ng movie!

    1. Hello, to check all your data balance, text DATA BAL to 8080. Kapag nagyou-youtube po kayo, dapat nagagamit na ang 2GB GOWATCH/GOPLAY ‘nyo. Kapag ubos na po ang Free 2GB, may text notification na matatanggap po kayo.

      Magkaiba rin po ang Free 2GB GOWATCH/GOPLAY at ang Gosurf Free Wifi.

  10. Hi! As of 2019-06-29, 16:15:12, your data balance is: DATA: 1.15GB (until 2019-07-02, 13:40:21), FACEBOOK: 143.48MB (until 2019-07-02, 13:40:48), GOWATCH AND PLAY: 2.25GB (until 2019-07-02, 13:40:30), GoSURF Free WiFi: 6GB (until 2019-07-02, 13:40:30)

    Ano po ibig sabihin ng Gosurf free wifi? Pataas na yung GB at ‘di na nabawasan.

    1. Hello, every time po na mag-register po kayo sa GoSURF50, 299, 599, at 999, may free 1 GB GoWiFi po kayo.

      Magagamit ‘nyo po kung magko-connect po kayo sa mga Globe WiFi hotspots sa mga malls, dining spots, at transportation hubs. For more information, visit this webpage.

  11. ‘Pag ba ginamit ko ang gosurf add-on na Add validity / Extend, mae-extend din ba availability ang freebies ko (go watch and play)?

  12. Hi, bakit po ba ‘pag nag-youtube ako sa GS50, nababawan ang data balance ko? Di ba freebie ang youtube? Thanks.

    1. Hello po, may free 2GB po para sa GOWATCH/GOPLAY. Anytime, pwede ‘nyo po malaman ang naco-consume na data sa panonood ‘nyo sa video streaming apps tulad ng youtube by texting DATA BAL or WNP STATUS to 8080.

      Kailangan i-monitor ‘nyo rin po ang inyong data usage. Kapag nagamit na ang free 2GB, sa open-access data naman ito magagamit/mababawas. Madali rin po kasi maubos ang data kapag video streaming lalo po kung mataas ang video quality ng pinapanood ‘nyo.

      Pwede ‘nyo po palitan sa mas mababa na video quality ang pinapanood ‘nyo ng 144px o 240px na makikita sa video player o sa settings ng mobile app (sa upper right corner).

  13. Bakit di ko nakuha ang 2gb gowatch and play? Kaka-register ko lang kahapon. Paubos na tuloy ang 1gb data internet ko kaka-youtube.

    1. Hello po! Subukin ‘nyo po i-check, i-text ‘nyo lang po ang DATA BAL o WNP STATUS sa 8080. Kung wala po talaga, mas maganda mag-message po kayo sa Globe Telecom fb page nila para sa karagdagang assistance (tulong).

    1. Hello po! Mababasa ‘nyo po sa post na ito ang mga steps kung paano ma-avail ang 300MB freebie para sa mobile app/site na gusto. Regarding naman po sa free 2GB for video streaming at mobile gaming, wala po update ang Globe pero mas magandang i-message ‘nyo ang Globe Telecom fb page nila para ma-note nila.

  14. Maganda sana e. Kaso sasabayan ng pagloloko, tapos madaming maiiwan na MB. Then ieextend ko sana para masulit, kaso lagi kang rereplyan nang:

    Sorry, but you’re registered to another mobile surfing promo that can’t be used together with GS EXTEND. You can wait for your current subscription to expire, or you can stop it and register to another GoSURF. Stopping a promo will forfeit your unused data. For other mobile data promos, dial *143# and choose Surf Promos or text SURF to 8080 for free.

    1. Hello po! Siguraduhin n’yo po kasi na sa gosurf promos lang po kayo naka-register kasi sabi sa reply na “you’re registered to another mobile surfing promo that can’t be used together with GS EXTEND.” Baka po register kayo sa ibang surf/data promo tulad ng gosakto o supersurf at hindi pa ito ang-expired. (Pls. check your email.)

  15. GS50 is Good because I have an 1GB data,2GB watch on YouTube and 300MB for Facebook… NICE COMBO THANK YOU TM FOR THAT WONDERFUL COMBO…

  16. I cannot send any message on 8080. And I find it quite hard for me to register my load into any promos, or even if i’ll dial *143# to register GOSURF50, I cant still claim my GS50 freebie because I cannot send any message to 8080. I’ve been troubling about these for weeks, could anyone help me how to fix this?

    1. Hello po! We suggest you message Globe Telecom’s official Facebook or Twitter page regarding your situation. Your SIM might be blocked for the moment or a system maintenance is being done in your area.

  17. Nag register ako sa gosurf50, at wala akong freebie na natanggap, at wala rin akong na receive na WNP na data. Ang habol kolang naman dun yung freebie at WNP Data lang. At ininquire ng ininquire ko WNP data ko, at hanggang dina daw ako makakasend sa 8080 kasi nag exceeds na ako sa number ng txt sa 8080. Paki linaw lang.

    1. Hello po! Ang 2GB freebie at ang sinasabi n’yo po na WNP data ay isasa lang po. Available pa naman po ang freebie na ito baka delayed lang po. Kung wala pa rin po kayo natanggap, mas maganda po na magmessage po kayo sa official Facebook o Twitter page ng Globe Telecom.

  18. Hi! Ask lang po sana ako about dun sa pagextend ng gosurf50. Yung data lang ba maeextend dun? Kasi di na po ako makapaghomesurf15, di na raw ako nakagosurf50 kahit nagextend ako. Thanks!

  19. Hi, I registered for gosurf50 and also received 2G of Gowatch and goplay. However, when I was binged watching movies via netflix.. I was shocked when I received a text that my mobile data was consumed. I checked the balance and my data for Gowatch was not deducted, instead the one that was deducted was my mobile data. I checked and netflix is still included in the gowatch lists. Can u help me with this? I might be doing something wrong.

    1. Hello! To use free 2GB for GoWATCH and GoPLAY, you should only access those services through their mobile apps on your mobile phone only. The free 2GB will not be used when you share your mobile internet via mobile hotspot… For further assistance, you may message Globe Telecom on their official Facebook/Twitter page.

      1. Okay, if you wanna claim the free 2gb on wnp for Netflix. What code should I send to 8080 to claim it? Accrdng to the txt message I received from globe the codes are WATCH IFLIX, WATCH YOUTUBE,… But no code for Netflix. I’m worried that like her my data would be consumed instead of the freebie when I watch Netflix via an app on my phone.

        1. Hello po! The free 2GB already comes with the GOSURF50, you don’t need to send a keyword again to register to this freebie. WNP is only used to check the status of your freebie…

          2GB is equivalent to 5 hours of videos in standard definition (SD) video quality. When you stream in high definition (HD) quality, 2GB is 2 hrs up to 3 hrs only.

    1. Hello po! You can extend GOTSCOMBODD90 up to 15 days. Just reload at least PHP34 worth of Globe regular load. Now text GOSURFBE34 to 8080. Only open-access data will be extended except the free 2GB for GoWATCH and GoPLAY.

  20. Hi,

    I have a question, I registered to GOSURF50 last Tuesday and today is the expiration day. I wanted it to extend so 15 minutes before the expiration I registered to GS ADD SURF 15. It was successful registration and the message said valid until the next day.

    30 minutes after, I checked my GOSURF STATUS and the reply message said my GoSurf has expired. What happened? I wonder why my Gosurf expired, I thought I will have another 300 on top of my 600 MB data. How can I extend my GoSurf data? Should I register it a day before expiration day? It’s my first time to use this pocket wifi.


    1. Hello! GS ADD SURF will only add data to your current data allowance. You can only extend gosurf promos for just 1 day for just PHP5 worth of prepaid load. To extend, text GS EXTEND to 8080.

        1. If you still have any remaining data, you can extend it every day for just PHP5. Register before 24 hours after your first subscription to extend your data…

          … Or you can also carry those remaining data by subscribing to another gosurf promo as long as your current promo subscription is still active and it’s not yet expired. The remaining data will then add to the data allowance of the new gosurf promo and its validity period.

            1. You can extend GOTSCOMBODD70 for 15 days, reload at least PHP34 worth of regular prepaid load. Now text GOSURFBE34 to 8080. Please note only open-access data will be extended except the free 2GB for GoWATCH/GoPLAY.

              Learn more about: GOTSCOMBODD70 and GOTSCOMBODD90

            2. Hi, I have a remaining of at least 1GB of data of gosakto 70 then few minutes before it expires I tried to extend it using GOSURFBE34 pero walang nangyari, walang reply Bakit kaya?

              Nagregister na lang tuloy ulit ako sa gosakto 70.

            3. Hello po! Dapat po may magtangap po kayong confirmation after n’yo magregister sa GOSURFBE34. Ang gawin n’yo po sa susunod, text n’yo na lang po ang GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 after kayo magregister ng GOSURFBE34 para masigurado. Minsan pwedeng delayed lang ang confirmation. Available pa rin naman po ang GOSURFBE34.

            4. Hi. Nakaregister na po ako sa GOSURFBE34, ang sabi sa text 20mb for 15 days. Sa 15 days na yun madadamay yung remaining data ko sa GoSakto? 1 day na lang kasi yung Gosakto ko na meron pa 2GB data.

              Wala na po ako iba gagawin? Baka kasi after maubos yung 20mb sa GOSURFBE34 eh hindi gamitin yung sa gosakto.

            5. Hello po! Check n’yo po status ng promo. Text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080. As long as open-access data ang ang remaining 2GB n’yo.

  21. hello.. im registered to gosurf50 promo.. but i cant use the unlimited unlinet txt.. what should i do? TM subscriber here..

  22. Hi i just register to gosurf50 ang i already have my freebies however i didnt recieve a 2gb of gowatch? What should i do?

    1. Hello! Have you received your free 2GB now? The FREE 2GB for GoWATCH/PLAY is still available to GOSURF50 promo… If no, you send a direct message to their official FB or Twitter page for further assistance.

      1. No. You can’t extend your freebie and your go watch and play. Therefore your data alone will be extended nothing more. So i suggest watch at 360p at youtube to consume your freebies before it expires at the 3rd day rather than get it wasted. Good luck!

        1. Yes, you’re right. Good suggestion… Also for everyone’s knowledge, watching videos in higher quality consumes your data 2-3 times faster than loading photos, sending chats or viewing webpages.

  23. Hi.
    Registered GOSURF50.
    In addition. I was told by globe helpline I can extend it by adding GS ADDSURF 99.
    Validity now becomes 30 days. Unfortunately only the additional 1 gig of ADDSURF 99 is the only one that is extended to 30 days. Is this correct?

    1. Hello! Any remaining data from your current gosurf promo will be added to the 1GB data allocation of GS ADDSURF 99 that you can use for the next 30 days.

      1. Hi,
        I tried to add the ADDSURF 99 to Gosurf 50. it didnt work. You have to have a min of Gosurf 299 to be able to use ADDSURF 99.

  24. hello .. is the registration for Globe is also the same as TM, for the one month of unli call and txt could you please help as soon as possible 🙁

    1. Hi! Im sorry but the two are different. Touch Mobile/TM don’t offer unlimited call and text with 1 month validity period.

  25. Im registered to a GoSurf50 promo but i cant use my 300mb for freebie. It won’t register. Why is that?

    1. Hello! The 300MB freebie is still available as of now. Did you try it before and it worked, then you subscribed again to GoSURF50 and tried to register to 300MB freebie but it won’t let you register for it?…

      If this is the case, make sure your current (first) 300MB freebie expires first before you register again for the new freebie of your choice. To check the status of your freebie, just text GS50 STATUS to 8080. (Examples: GS50 FB STATUS / GS50 GAMES STATUS)

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