Globe GOUNLI20: Unlimited Call / Text, 20MB Data, 1 Day

GOUNLI20 is the cheapest Gounli promo for Globe unli call and text for 1 day that is available only to Globe prepaid subscribers for 20 pesos.

globe unli call and text for 1 day
Globe unli call and text for 1 day – ₱20

If you’re a Globe prepaid user and looking for 1 day unli call and text Globe promo, try this Globe unli promo.

GOUNLI20 – Globe Unli Call And Text For 1 Day

Enjoy unlimited calls to Globe and TM, unlimited texts to all networks (e.g. Globe, TM, Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Sun, ABS-CBN, Cherry), and 20MB mobile data allocation for mobile internet access (web or app browsing) for 20 pesos valid for 1 day.

When you have already earn at least 4 Globe reward points , you can redeem this GOUNLI20 promo from Globe Rewards. You earn reward point when you continue loading and registering to any Globe call, text or internet/data promo.

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Promo Details:
Unli all net text
Unli call to Globe/TM
20MB mobile data
P20 / 1 day
Keyword: GOUNLI20

How to register to GOUNLI20 promo?

To register to this promo of Globe unli call and text for 1 day, just text GOUNLI20 send to 8080.

NOTE: Make sure you already receive the confirmation message in your inbox before making a call or text to avoid deduction from your regular prepaid load.

You may also register to this unli promo by dialing *142# on your mobile phone. Wait for the options to appear in your screen then choose Combo Promos > GoUNLI > GoUNLI20 > Subscribe. Just wait for the confirmation message.

How to check status of my GOUNLI20 promo subscription via text?

To check the status of your Gounli promo, just text GOUNLI20 STATUS send to 8080. If it doesn’t work, try to text GOUNLI STATUS.

How to stop my GOUNLI20 promo subscription?

To stop or cancel your Gounli promo, simply text GOUNLI20 STOP or GOUNLI STOP send to 8080.

What can you do with 20MB mobile data?

The 20MB mobile data allocation for mobile internet access is good for browsing only and not for heavy data usage like video streaming, downloading and online gaming.

See how many data (KB/MB) will be used from mobile data allocation when you do any online activities from below:

20 Megabytes (MB) = 20000 Kilobytes (KB)

Send 1 chat message – 20KB
Post 1 text-only Facebook status/comment – 30KB
Post 1 photo on Facebook/Instagram – 250KB
Send 1 email with attachment – 300KB
Browse 1 webpage (website) with photos – 1.3MB
Stream 4-minute song – 2.5MB
Stream 4-minute video – 13MB

How to make a call using this Gounli promo?

Simply dial the 11-digit of the Globe or TM mobile number you are trying to call.

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With GOUNLI20, you can enjoy unli call, unli all net text, and 20MB mobile data allocation for mobile internet access valid for 1 day (24 hrs).

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If you have questions or concerns about these Globe unli call and text promo for 1 day, let us know by commenting below.

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