Globe GoUNLI20: Unli All-Net Texts & Calls to Globe/TM + 20MB Data

Learn more about Globe GoUNLI20 promo offer for 2021. Globe Go UNLI 20 offers a call, text & data combo for 20 pesos only.

GoUNLI20: Globe Go UNLI 20

What is Globe GoUNLI20?

Globe GoUNLI20 is a combo promo that offers, unli all-net texts, unli calls to Globe/TM, and 20MB data for any app & site. Globe Go UNLI 20 is valid for 1 day (24 hours) for 20 pesos only.

• Unlimited texts to all networks
• Unlimited calls to Globe/TM
• 20MB mobile data (all access)
• Valid for 1 day; ₱20 (24 hours)

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For the additional 20MB all-access data inclusion, you can use this to light data use like browsing webpages, emails, and messaging apps.

The GoUNLI promos are exclusive offer for Globe Prepaid subscribers only and are not available to Globe Postpaid or TM users.

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How do you register Go UNLI 20?

To register to Globe GoUNLI20, load 20 pesos, then text GOUNLI20 to 8080. Wait for the confirmation text message. You can also register by dialing *143# using your Globe SIM.

To register via Globe USSD Code, dial *143# then enter and send assigned numbers for: All-Time favorites > Combos > GoUNLI.

NOTE: Globe GoSAKTO 20 promo is the same as GoUNLI 20. Both have the same call, text, and data inclusions.

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Once you registration is successful, you can already start enjoying your unlimited texts to all networks ad unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus 20MB of mobile internet.

To make a call, just directly dial the 11-digit Globe/TM number you are trying to call.

For better mobile internet promo with bigger mobile data, you can subscribe to other Globe Go, GoSURF, or GoSAKTO promo while you’re currently registered to any Globe GoUNLI promo.

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How to check my GoUNLI 20 subscription status?

To check your GoUNLI registration’s staus or balance, just text GOUNLI20 STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080 for free. Wait for the notification text message. You can also try GOUNLI STATUS to 8080.

How to stop my GoUNLI20 subscription?

To stop your GoUNLI promo subscription, just text GOUNLI20 STOP or GOUNLI STOP to 8080.

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Globe Telecom’s Standard Call, Text & Data Rates:

Standard Call Rates Per Minute:
· Globe to Globe: ₱6.50
· Globe to TM, other networks & landline: ₱7.50
· National Direct Call: ₱7.50 (Nationwide)
· International Direct Call: US $0.40 (Worldwide)

Standard Text Rate: Globe to Globe, TM, Cherry, Smart, TNT & Sun ₱1.00

Standard Mobile Internet Rate: ₱5.00 Per 15 Minutes

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Average Data Consumption Per Online Activity

Average Data Usage:
· 1-minute video streaming: 4-5MB
· 15-minute mobile gaming: 5MB
· 1 web page: 1-5MB (depends on images)
· 1 photo post on social media apps: 2MB
· 1 instant message w/ photo on messeging apps: 0.50MB*
· 1 email: 0.25MB*

*Instant messages and emails with attachments or pictures will use more data, depending on the file size.

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For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name. Source: Globe Telecom

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