Globe Prepaid Pocket Wifi (Load) Promo Offers 2020

Check this list of Globe pocket wifi prepaid load promo plans in 2020 that you can use on your prepaid Globe Tattoo or LTE/4G pocket wifi’s sim card.

globe pocket wifi prepaid load
Globe Prepaid Pocket WiFi Promos

Choose any Globe pocket wifi promo depending on your daily or weekly budget and online activities. These pocket wifi promos/plans are also the same with the data/internet promos that Globe prepaid, postpaid and TM subscribers can avail.

Which means, whatever Globe surf promo you can register using your prepaid, postpaid or TM number, you can also register to these surf promos for your Globe pocket wifi prepaid sim.

Globe Pocket WiFi Prepaid Load Promos

Since Globe LTE/4G or Tattoo pocket wifi are used only for mobile internet access and not for call or text, we’ll propably share Gosurf promos with consumable bulk data (MB/GB) and Supersurf promos with 800MB data limit per day.

When you’re registered with this Globe pocket wifi prepaid promo, your pocket wifi now has mobile internet access through the SIM card. Through the wifi feature of your gadget/s, you can now connect it to your pocket wifi and you can unlisurf the web.

Log-in in to your social media account (fb, ig, twitter, etc.), send/recieve chat messages (fb messenger, viber, etc.), visit any website and use any mobile app that requires internet access.

If you’re also a Globe prepaid user, don’t forget to check the latest update of Globe promos list – from Globe unli call or unli text only promo to both unli call and text combo promos.

Or you can also register to Gosakto surf promos – GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOTSCOMBODD90 with 1GB and 2GB mobile data allocation using your Globe prepaid sim card.

Choose the surf promo from Gosurf and Supersurf promos that you think it suits your online activity and needs.

Globe Gosurf Promos

For Gosurf Globe promos, here are your options: GOSURF30 for 2 days, GOSURF50 for 3 and 5 days, GOSURF99, GOSURF299, GOSURF599 and GOSURF999 for 30 days.

NOTE: Globe gosurf promos have consumble bulk per kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB). Depending on the mobile data allocation from the Gosurf promo you subscribed, you can use more than 1000MB/1GB per day.

Once you used all that data allocation from your Gosurf promo, you need to register again to a new Globe surf promo to have a mobile internet access. Alway track and check your daily use of the mobile data. To check the status of your Gosurf promo, just text GOSURF STATUS to 8080 for free.

Gosurf Promo Options

To register to any of these Globe gosurf promos, simply text the promo keyword to 8080. Wait for the confirmation message from your inbox. If it’s not working, try to send it to 8888.

Don’t forget to turn on Surf Alert feature to avoid internet charges and automatic deduction from your prepaid load. To activate this Globe service, just text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free. To turn it off, simply text SURFALERT OFF to 8080.

GOSURF 30 – 150MB mobile data, 50MB freebie, ₱30 for 2 days
Keyword: GOSURF30

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GOSURF 50 3 Days – 700MB mobile data, 300MB freebie, ₱50 for 3 days
Keyword: GOSURF50

READ: GOSURF50 3 Days full details

GOSURF 50 5 Days – 350MB mobile data, 300MB freebie, ₱50 for 5 days
Keyword: GOSURF505D

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GOSURF 99 – 200MB mobile data, 1GB freebie, ₱99 for 30 days
Keyword: GOSURF99

READ: GOSURF99 full details

GOSURF 299 – 1.5GB mobile data, 1GB freebie, ₱299 for 30 days
Keyword: GOSURF299

READ: GOSURF299 full details

GOSURF 599 – 4GB mobile data, 1GB freebie, ₱599 for 30 days
Keyword: GOSURF599

READ: GOSURF599 full details

GOSURF 999 – 8GB mobile data, 1GB freebie, ₱999 for 30 days
Keyword: GOSURF999

READ: GOSURF999 full details

Globe Supersurf Promos

For Supersurf Globe promos, here are options: SUPERSURF50 for 1 day, SUPERSURF120 for 3 days, SUPERSURF200 for 5 days and SUPERSURF999 for 30 days.

NOTE: All Globe supersurf promo variants are subjected to 800MB data limit per day. After you had used all the 800MB data limit for less or more than 12 hours, your mobile internet connection will slow down and you will receive a notification message about it.

The slow internet connection is still good for browsing social media mobile apps and mobile sites. The normal speed of your mobile internet access will return after 12:00 AM midnight.

Supersurf Promo Options

To register to any of these Globe supersurf promos, simply text the promo keyword to 8888. Wait for the confirmation message from your inbox. If it’s not working, try to send it to 8080.

SUPERSURF 50 – 1 day mobile internet access for ₱50
Keyword: SUPERSURF50

READ: SUPERSURF50 full details

SUPERSURF 120 – 3 days mobile internet access for ₱120
Keyword: SUPERSURF120

READ: SUPERSURF120 full details

SUPERSURF 200 – 5 days mobile internet access for ₱200
Keyword: SUPERSURF200

READ: SUPERSURF200 full details

SUPERSURF 999 – 30 days mobile internet access for ₱999
Keyword: SUPERSURF999

READ: SUPERSURF999 full details

How to load and register promo using Globe LTE/4G pocket wifi prepaid?


Step 1. Connect your Globe pocket wifi to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Step 2. Open any Internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.)  then type and enter or in the URL (address bar).

Step 3. For both ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, type admin.

Step 4. Go to ‘SMS‘ tab then ‘New

Step 5. Enter 8080 in the recipient box and the promo keyword for the biger box next to the recipient box.

Step 6. Click ‘Send‘ button and wait for the confirmation text message.

Step 7. To view the text message, go to ‘SMS’ then ‘Inbox’.


You can share a promo using your phone by dialing *143#. NOTE: Sharing of GS299 and up currently not available via *143#. How to do it? Dial *143# in your mobile phone and wait for the options to appear.

Navigate to (choose the number and type it in the blank space below the options) > Share-A-Load/Promo > Share-A-Promo > Send to a Globe Prepaid Number (this is the number of the Globe LTE/4G pocket wifi prepaid sim card), Send to a TM Number, Send to a Tattoo Number, or Send to a Prepaid Home Broadband Number.


STEP 1. For both Globe Tattoo or LTE/4G pocket wifi and the Tattoo broadband USB stick, it has a prepaid SIM card inserted in them. See and read the small booklet for the instructions and other information about the gadget. Remove the SIM card and then insert that sim card to your phone.

STEP 2. Go to the nearest Globe load retailer (store, canteen, basta may naglo-load ng Globe). Ask for regular prepaid load depending on your budget to the surf promos above that you want to register.

STEP 3. After you received the load, you may now send the keyword of your chosen Globe internet/data promo. Wait for the confirmation message before inserting it [the sim card] back to your Globe LTE/4G pocket wifi or Tattoo broadband USB stick.

These  are all the Globe pocket wifi prepaid load promos available to your Globe prepaid LTE/4G pocket wifi and the tattoo roadband usb stick.

If you have questions or concerns about this Globe pocket wifi prepaid load promo plans , let us know by commenting below. You may also call Globe customer service by dialing 211 using your Globe mobile number or (02) 730-1000 for landline users. For faster responds, chat with them through their ‘Globe Telecom’ facebook page.

112 thoughts on “Globe Prepaid Pocket Wifi (Load) Promo Offers 2020

  1. Hi, check/search ‘nyo po ang Globe Go Offers para all-access data lahat ang inclusion nito. Up to 6-10 devices ang pwede maka-connect pero expect ‘nyo po na kapag mas marami, hihina ang mobile internet connection ‘nyo dahil nag-aagawan sa mobile data at mas mabilis din ito maubos.

    Depende rin sa online activities ‘nyo kung gaano kabilis maubos ang mobile data. Usually video chat/streaming at app/system updates/downloads ang malaki ang nagagamit.

  2. Hello, ask lang po kung anung ok na promo data internet, at affortable good for online schooling, para s pocket wifi for laptop users..

    1. Hi, sorry for late reply. Since prepaid pocket wifi po ang gamit ‘nyo, check ‘nyo po GO promo offers para all-access data lahat pero 7 days lang ang may pinakamahabang duration. Depende rin lang sa budget ‘nyo po, pwede po mag-register nang ilang beses para mag-add o mag-stack ang data inclusions nito.

      You can check your data use by texting DATA BAL to 8080 right on the web portal of your pocket wifi.

  3. Hello po, ano po bang mgandang promo po for 1 day usage of about 15GB po. Isang araw lang po gamit pero about 15GB po ang kailangn ko po for skype calling sa work. Thank you.

  4. Hello, ano po ba magandang i-register sa pocket wifi na unli internet? ‘Yung around 200 pesos lang po, kasi ang lagi kong ginagamit na apps eh IG, TWITTER, FB, MESSENGER, THEN TIKTOK sometimes IWANT TV, please, ano po mare-recommend nyong load sa akin?

    1. Hi, ang HOMESURF offers ay para lang po sa Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi at hindi po sa Mobile/Pocket WiFi.

  5. Paano gumamit ng globe pocket wifi at paano mag-load? Gagamitin pang work lang. Magkano dapat i-load para magkaroon ng stable internet connection? Thank you.

    1. Hi, punta po kayo sa load retailer at paloadan ‘nyo ang number ng SIM nang Mobile/Pocket WiFi ‘nyo. I-on at i-connect ang phone/tablet/computer ‘nyo sa pocket wifi.

      Sa inyong gadget, mag-open po kayo ng web browser (e.g. chrome, firefox, edge, opera, etc.) at i-type ‘nyo po ang sa address/url bar (pwede rin ang o Mag-login po kayo gamit ang inyong username at password (makikita ‘nyo po ito sa battery slot) at doon pwede na po kayo mag-register ng promo offer.

      Pwede rin naman po na i-download ‘nyo ang app na Huawei Hilink sa play store. I-log in ‘nyo po ang ssid at password ng pocket wifi ‘nyo, doon pwede po kayo mag-direct or register.

  6. Hello po, ano po ang mas maganda pang internet, Gosurf o Gosakto? Gosakto po kasi nilo-load ko for internet.

    1. Hi, depende po sa budget at lalo na po sa online activities ‘nyo. Ano-anu po ba ang mga online activities ‘nyo; video streaming, mobile gaming, facebook/messenger lang o browsing sites lang po?

  7. Hello po, nag-load po ako sa pocket wifi namin ng gosakto 70 para magtagal ng 1 week kaso kahapon lang po ako nag-load pero ubos na ngayon, ‘di na ‘ko maka-connect sa internet.

    1. Hi, depende po talaga sa mga online activities ‘nyo. Mas mabilis magamit ang mobile data allocation nang subscription ‘nyo kapag nanood ng videos (depende rin sa video quality), video call, downloading, etc. Anu-ano po ba ang mga online activities ‘nyo?

    2. Download mo bro yung app na huawei hilink sa play store, tsaka i-log in mo yung ssid at pass ng pocket wifi mo, dun pwede kang mag-direct or mag-manual register tsaka pwede mo ring ma-block mga nakiki-connect hahahaha

  8. Magtatanong lang po rin ako. Sa wifi namin nagpa-load kami nang 1k by using *143 for 1 month yun and then ngayon hindi ata umabot nang 1 week naubos na at nung nagpa-load ulit kami 1k, hindi rin umabot nang 1 week, eh ang ginagawa lang namin is always calling sa gf ko and facebook.

    Bat’ ang bilis na ubos? Ano po mas magandang unli sa one month? And pwede makapag netflix at yt. Really need para hindi kami parating nagpapa-load nang 50 pesos. Thank you.

    1. Hello, anong promo offer po ba ang ni-register ‘nyo, Gosurf o Supersurf? Itong dalawa lang naman po ang offers na pwede sa Globe mobile/pocket wifi device at mas maganda ang Gosurf kung heavy data user po kayo.

      Depende rin sa mga online activities ‘nyo kung video o voice call (mas maraming ginagamit na mobile data ang video call) at kung browsing lang sa mga facebook posts o nanunuod din kayo ng facebook videos; depende rin kung SD o HD ang quality ng videos kung gaano karami ang mobile data na kinukunsumo nito.

      Pwede ‘nyo rin naman po ikonsedera ang bagong device nila na Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi; ₱999 na ngayon ito. Sa HOMESURF999 (₱999) offer nila, may 70GB open/all access data plus free 1GB youtube daily for 30 days kaysa GoSURF999 na may 10GB + 10GB Freebie sa parehong price.

        1. Opo. I-clarify lang po natin yung bagong Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device na ₱999: ito po ay bagong device na pareho lang po sa Globe Mobile/Pocket WiFi pero pang bahay nga lang po ito; hindi tulad ng pocket wifi na pwede mo dalhin ito kahit saan. May iba po itong offers tulad ng HOMESURF at HOMEWATCH na may mas malaking mobile data inclusion.

          1. Ask ko po may hack din ba ang globe prepaid home wifi? Stackable ba sha? If yes w/c expiration date ang i follow nya let say naka 30 day promo ako tapos mag add ako ng pang 15 days sa existing anong exoiration fallow nya.. Tia

      1. Hi, ask ko lang po, if ever po mag-order ako ng globe at home, made-deliver po ba sya even though naka-lockdown? Makati area po. Thanks.

        1. Hello, basic essentials tulad nang pagkain lang po pwedeng i-deliver ngayon. I-contact ‘nyo na lang po sila sa mga official social platforms nila para sigurado.

          Kung pwede naman, siguro 1 or 2 weeks after quarantine saka ‘nyo matanggap, parang pre-order lang.

        1. Hi, basta meron po kayong Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device. Pareho lang po sa register nito tulad sa pocket wifi.

          1. Pwede po ba sa pocket wifi i-register ang homesurf 199? Brownout kasi samin bukas and WFH kami, call center kase. 🙁 Help pls.

            1. Hello, Gosurf lang po ang pwede sa Globe Pocket WiFi. Ang homesurf offers ay para lang po sa talaga Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device.

      1. Hello, kung naubos ‘nyo na po ang free 10GB, bali ang maiiwan na lang po ay ang 2GB open/all access na mobile data inclusion ng GOSURF299 (kung hindi pa nagagamit). Pwede pa naman po kayo mag-regsiter sa pareho o ibang Gosurf offer.

  9. Meron po ako old globe tattoo pocket wifi however matagal ko na hindi ginagamit dahil sobrang bagal. I am planning to buy a new globe lte sim for replacement. Is it possible na mag-function at magamit ko if i will replace the sim?

    1. Hello, not sure po. Try ‘nyo po pumunta sa malapit na Globe Store at tanungin ‘nyo po kung pwede pa ang swap sa latest 4G LTE Mobile/Pocket WiFi device nila.

      Pero syempre dapat dalhin ‘nyo po ang old pocket wifi ‘nyo at may babayaran po kayo na 30% OFF (not sure for this trade-in discount) sa original price na ₱999 nang bagong pocket wifi o bili na lang po kayo nang bago kung hindi na pwede ang swap.

      Mas maganda rin po kasi na 4G LTE rin ang mismong mobile/pocket wifi device. Useless rin po kasi ang 4G LTE SIM kung 3G yung pocket wifi. Pwede rin po kayo mag-message sa official social media account nila para ma-verify.

    1. Hello, halos lahat po nang available na mobile internet promo para sa pocket wifi ay consumable/bulk mobile data ang inclusion. Wala pong unlimited mobile internet.

      Ang pinaka magandang option po ay Globe Gosurf. Para po malimitahan ang data usage ‘nyo sa netflix, pwede ‘nyo babahan ang video quality ng pinapanood ‘nyo.

      1. Thank you. Nag-try kami kanina mag GoSURF50 pero ‘di siya na unli sabi (detected that multiple promo registered), we try *143# pero lahat andon sinabi detected. Anyare po ?

        1. Hello, may ‘mulitple promo registered’ daw, maghintay po kayo ng ilang oras saka ‘nyo po subukin mag-register. Kung ganun pa rin po, pwede ‘nyo po i-contact ang Globe Telecom sa kanilang official fb/twitter page para ma-check at maayos po nila agad.

      1. I-on ‘nyo po ang pocket wifi ‘nyo at i-on ‘nyo rin po ang wifi ng device ‘nyo. Mula sa wifi ng device ‘nyo, i-search at mag-connect po kayo sa pangalan ng pocket wifi ‘nyo.

  10. Bumili ako ng lte lite sim ng globe, niloadan ko at ni-register ng kapatid ko ng gosurf125 pero ‘di ko naman magamit pang-data o internet.

    1. Hello, pwede po paki-clarify pa ng maayos ang concern ‘nyo. Wala pong gosurf125 sa options dito. Pwede ‘nyo rin po ma-contact ang Globe sa kanilang official facebook, messenger o twitter page.

          1. May Globe at Home, GOSURF po ang lagi kong gamit, naka tack-in ang Homesurf promo habang active ang Gosurf promo.

    1. Hi, i-connect ‘nyo po ang pocket wifi sa computer, tablet or phone ‘nyo. Magbukas po kayo ng web browser (google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, etc) then i-type ‘nyo po ang sa address bar tapos enter.

      Mag-log-in po kayo – username: admin at password: admin | ilagay ‘nyo po sarili ‘nyong password at username kung na-setup ‘nyo. Mag-text po kayo ng BAL to 222. (Basahin ‘nyo po sa manual ng pocket wifi kung paano)

      Pwede ‘nyo rin po tanggalin ang SIM ng pocket wifi ‘nyo, ilagay ‘nyo po sa phone ‘nyo tapos i-text ‘nyo po ang BAL to 222.

    2. Download ka ang huawei hilink na app, dun mo mamo-monitor ang data usage mo, DATA BAL send to 8080 para malaman remaining mb (it totally works kapag dun ka magre-reply mismo sa text na may data bal message.

    1. Hello, prepaid po ba o postpaid ang pocket wifi ‘nyo? Kapag po kasi postpaid plan, kailangan ‘nyo pumanta malapit na Globe store, magtanong po kayo roon kung paano mag-upgrade ng device/plan.

  11. Ask po, gamit [ko po] yung pocket wifi para mag-update ng iPhone, anong gosurf promo ang kailangang gamitin? Salamat po.

    1. Hello, ilang GB/MB ang kailangan po para sa system update ng phone ‘nyo? Kung mahigit 1GB ang kailangan, dapat piliin ‘nyo po ang gosurf promo na may more than 1GB open access mobile data rin. Hindi po kasali rito ang free FB, IG, Watch & Play.

    1. Hello, ayos na po ang gosurf promos. Ang open access mobile data ay magagamit kapag naka-connect ito sa laptop at ang freebies tulad ng 1GB FB, IG, Watch & Play ay magagamit lang po kapag naka-connect po ito sa smartphone.

  12. Hello po! Tanong ko lang po kung mag register po ba ako sa globe prepaied lte pocket wifi ko ng any Gosurf promo pwede din po ba sya magamit sa pag laro ng Mobile legends? Thank you po. Sana po masagot nyo po.

        1. Hello, para lang po itong regular na SIM sa cell phone. (Step #1) Punta po kayo sa load retailer at paloadan ‘nyo ang number ng SIM nang Mobile/Pocket WiFi ‘nyo. (Step #2) I-on at i-connect ang phone/tablet/computer ‘nyo sa pocket wifi.

          (Step #3) Sa inyong gadget, mag-bukas po kayo ng web browser (e.g. google chrome, mozilla firefox, microsoft edge, opera, etc.) at i-type ‘nyo po ang sa address/url bar (pwede rin ang o (Step #4) Mag-login po kayo at doon pwede na po kayo mag-register ng promo offer.

    1. Hello, mas maganda po ang Globe gosurf promos kaso hindi ‘nyo po ata magagamit ang gowatch/goplay freebie (ng GOSURF 50 & up) kung sa laptop pero pwede po sa phone.

    1. Hello, medyo nakakalito po ang tanong ‘nyo kasi po may dedicated na Prepaid SIM para sa pocket/mobile wifi device at GOSURF lang po mobile internet/data promos nito.

  13. Pano po ba magload gamit ang Load card (prepaid card)? Hassle kasi transfer ko pa sa phone para makapag *143#

    1. Hello, kung may iba pong prepaid SIM kayo, doon ‘nyo na lang po gamitin ang load card. Doon na rin po kayo mag-dial ng *143# at tignan ‘nyo na lang po doon ang Share-A-Load/Promo para mag-send ng promo o load sa pocket wifi SIM ‘nyo.

    1. Hello, depende po sa online activities ‘nyo at sa download speed (kung malakas talaga ang signal sa inyo at mabilis ang pag-download ng data, mabilis din po maubos ang data allowance ng mobile internet promo subscription ‘nyo).

      Kung sa video streaming at mataas ang video quality ng pinapanood ‘nyo, ganun din po. Ang freebies po tulad ng 2GB GOWATCH/GOPLAY ay para lang po sa mobile smartphones. Kung sa laptop o desktop ‘nyo po gagamitin, ang maco-consume po ay ang open-access data.

        1. Hello, hindi po pwede dahil para lang po ito sa globe home wifi. Globe gosurf at supersurf lang po ang pwede sa globe pocket wifi.

  14. May lte globe pocket wifi ako at may internet globe ako plan P1299. Pwede ko ba makonect yun globe lte pocket wifi ko sa globe internet ko?

    1. Hello po! Pasensya na po pero pwede po paki-explain nang maayos kung anong internet globe plan po iyan.

    2. Pwede. Download mo po yung app na Huawei HiLink. Pwede mo navigate settings ng pocket WiFi mo dun, like changing passwords, SMS registration promos, etc. Then may option po doon na ‘WiFi extender’, yun po select mo. Watch mo video sa YouTube on how to set up huawei hilink app para sa pocket WiFi mo.

    1. Hello po! Ito lang po ang mga available na promos. Ang promos po nila ay bulk data mula sa GOSURF at SUPERSURF na may data limit na may 800MB per day.

        1. Hello po! Lodan n’yo po muna ang cell number ng SIM card na naaayon sa promo na gusto n’yo tapos i-send n’yo po ang keyword/code ng promo.

    1. Hello po! Ito rin po ay may data limit na 800MB per day. Kapag nagamit mo na ang 800MB, hihina po ang mobile internet connection n’yo pero active pa rin po ang promo subscription n’yo. Babalik po ang normal sa speed ng connection n’yo sa susunod na 24 hrs.

    1. Hello! Parang wala pong option na SUPERSURF50 sa SIM ng mga load retailers… Ang gawin n’yo lang po (kung ayaw n’yo po alisin ang SIM ng pocket wifi), loadan n’yo na lang ang isang Globe SIM n’yo (kung mayroon) tapos magsend kayo ng promo (ito ang SUPERSURF50) gamit ng Share-A-Promo by dialing *143# sa Globe SIM card number ng Pocket WiFi…

      Basahin n’yo na lang po Option #2 sa dulo ng post na ito kung paano gawin ang Share-A-Promo ng Globe.

    1. Hello! Lahat naman po pwede pero hindi n’yo po magagamit yong data na para sa mga freebies o specific apps tulad ng youtube, facebook, etc (kung mayroon man) kapag laptop ang gamit n’yo na pag-access sa mga sites nito.

  15. So if I load my prepaid number with go sakto GOTSCOMBODD90 , can I share it with pocket wifi or globe tatoo? I am actually planning to buy pocket wifi

    1. Hello! Yes you can but be informed that the 2GB for GoWatch/Play are for mobile phone apps only (not for computer).

        1. Hello, dapat po sa cell phone lang magamit. Kung ang gamit ‘nyo ay youtube app pero ‘di pa rin nagagamit, try ‘nyo po bisitahin ang sa kahit anong mobile web browser (google chrome, firefox, opera, etc.).

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