GOTSCOMBODD70: 1GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play – 2020 — Globe Prepaid

GOTSCOMBODD70 is a GoSAKTO offer in 2020 which is only available to Globe Prepaid susbcribers.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 2020: How to register, extend, add-ons, check status

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70’s new name is now GOSAKTO70. Both have the inclusions.

Learn how to register, check status/balance, stop the promo, extend, and how to register to data/MB add-ons.

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Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 comes with 1GB open access (regular) mobile data, 1GB per day for FB, IG, Watch & Play, and unli all-net texts for ₱70 – valid for 7 days.

· 1GB regular mobile data
· 1GB/Day FB, IG, Watch (Videos) & Play (Games)
· Unlimited texts to all networks
· Valid for 7 days (₱70)

Aside from its original inclusions (1GB regular mobile data and unlimited texts to all networks), GOTSCOMBODD70 offers additional 1GB for Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play — daily.

It means you get 1GB every day to access Facebook, Instagram, watch videos and play games (on select apps/sites).

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With additional 1GB/Day, you can watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, Tribe, NBA, Cartoon Network, and Disney however premium subscriptions are not included …

… or you can also play mobile games such as Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, Clash of Clans (COC), Clash Royale, and Free Fire.

How to register GOTSCOMBODD70?

To subscribe, just text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080 or you can also dial *143# on your phone using your Globe SIM and press call button …

… Wait for the options to load then choose ‘GoSAKTO70’ or ‘GoSAKTO’ » ‘Popular Promos’ » ‘ GoSAKTO70.’

Type in the assigned number on each option in the blank space under the options then press ‘SEND.’

How to check GOTSCOMBODD70 status?

Just text GOSAKTO STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080 to check you Globe GoSAKTO promo subscription. Wait for text message in your inbox.

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How to stop or unsubscribe to GOTSCOMBODD70?

You can unsubscribe or stop your GoSAKTO subscription by texting GOSAKTO STOP to 8080. Wait for confirmation text message.

If it’s not working, send message to Globe Telecom’s customer support on their official social media pages (Messenger, Facebook or Twitter) with your concern and mobile number.

You can also contact them by calling 211 using Globe SIM in your mobile phone. At least ₱7.50 is required; no deduction.

How to extend GOTSCOMBODD70?

You can the duration of your Globe GOTSCOMBODD70/GOSAKTO70 subscription in 3 ways:

#1. Before your registration expires (the day or 1 hour before expiration), reload ₱70 then register to the same promo. Your remaining mobile data will be added to your new subscription.

The next 2 ways only extends the duration/expiration of open access or regular mobile data inclusion. This does not include the texts and free 1GB/Day FB, IG, Watch & Play.

#2. To extend its mobile data’s expiration to 15 days, reload at least ₱34 and text GOSURFBE34 to 8080.

#3. To extend its mobile data’s expiration to 30 days, reload at least ₱121 and text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080.

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After you sent the keyword/code, wait for the confirmation text message then text GOSAKTO STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080 to confirm the date and time expiration.

How to add Data/MBs to GOTSCOMBODD70?

To add the data to your GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 subscription, you can register to this 1GB data add-on known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37.

Reload your Globe Prepaid number with at least ₱37 and text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. There are no call or text add-ons for this promo.

Globe GoSAKTO promo like GOTSCOMBODD70 is only exclusive to Globe Prepaid customers and are not available to TM subscribers.

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For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name.

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226 responses to “GOTSCOMBODD70: 1GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play – 2020 — Globe Prepaid”

  1. Anonymous

    As I experienced po, hindi po kasama ang messenger sa free 1gb ng fb mababawasan talaga ang allocated data na ni-register mo.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, tama po kayo. Hindi po kasama sa free 1GB/Day ang Messenger app.

      1. Jessie

        Thank you po sa pagsagot. Same question po. Ganun din po ba sa GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90? Mababawasan din ba ‘yung allocated data na 2gb sa paggamit ng FB Messenger? I use messenger a lot kasi.

        1. E.T. Team

          Hi, opo, ganun din po sa GOSAKTO 120/140 at GOSURF offers. Regarding po sa Messenger, minimal naman po ang nagagamit nang chat messages pero mas malaki ang nagagamit nang Voice Call (200KB-300KB+ per minute) at Video Call (25MB+ per 5 mins. o 300MB+ per hour).

          1GB = 1024MB
          1MB = 1024KB

          Depende rin po sa speed/signal nang 3G/4G network connection ‘nyo; kung mas mabilis, mas mabilis din magamit ang mobile data ‘nyo.

  2. R4diie

    Pwedi bang pumatong yung excess ng Gosurf50 sa Gosakto70 if unang na register yung Gosurf50?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, pwede naman po pero yung open access na mobile data lang po ang papatong.

      1. Jessie

        Hello po, ask ko lang yung sa Free FB daily (1gb), kasama pa din ba dito yung messenger app? Thanks.

        1. EkstraTips Team

          Hi, opo, available pa po ito. Hindi rin po kasama sa free 1GB daily ang Messenger.

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