GOTSCOMBODD70 2019 [UPDATE]: 1GB + free 2GB, unli all net texts

Learn more about Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 2018 that’s valid for 7 days (1 week) in this review.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 1GB data 70

For just 70 pesos, this surf promo comes with 1GB mobile data and unlimited texts to all networks.

See how to register, check status and hacks on how to extend and add data or MB of up to 1GB.

When you register to this data and text combo, you get 1GB mobile data for internet browsing and unli all net texts.

These promo inclusions are valid for 7 days for just 70 pesos worth of Globe prepaid load credits.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 2018 | Add-ons, Extend, Status Check

GOTSCOMBODD70 is a Globe Gosakto’s data and text combo promo.

This promo comes with:

  • 1GB data allocation
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Valid for 7 days (1 week)
  • 70 Pesos only
  • Free 2GB data for GoWatch & GoPlay (New!)

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If you want bigger data with up to 2GB with the same validity period of 7 days, try GOTSCOMBODD90.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 also includes unlimited texts to all networks for just 90 pesos.

New Update!

Both GOTSCOMBODD70 and GOTSCOMBODD90 now comes with free 2GB data for GoWatch and GoPlay.

Under GoWatch, you stream free videos from…


And for GoPlay’s mobile gaming apps…

You can play any of these apps:

Clash of Clans (COC)
Mobile Legends
Arena of Valor
Clash Royale
Dungeon Hunter
Vain Glory and more…

Aside from the free 2GB data for video streaming and mobile gaming…

This promo comes with the original 1GB data allocation.

The data from the 1GB allocation is also stackable. You can register the same promo before the expiration to save your remaining data.


Add another 1GB data from add-on like GOTSCOMBOKEA37.

You can also extend the validity period up to 15 days or 30 days.

Just keep reading…

You’ll learn more about that later.

What can you do with 1GB data allocation?

To enjoy this data promo for 1 week, you must use at least 142MB data per day.

Assuming you don’t register to add-ons for MBs or data, or extending the validity of the promo.

Let’s see…

1GB is equal to 1000MB

1000MB / 7 days = 142.85MB

Text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 for free to check your unused data allocation.

Who can avail of this Gosakto promo?

This promo is exclusive to Globe prepaid subscribers only. Which means, it’s not available to TM subscribers.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 is available to Globe Pocket WiFi and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi.

How to register to GOTSCOMBODD70?

You have 2 ways to subscribe to this Gosakto promo:

A. Via Text:

To register, just text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080 and then wait for the confirmation text message (SMS).

B. Via *143#

Dial Globe’s USSD code number which is *143# in your mobile phone using your Globe SIM card then press the call button.

Wait for the list of options to appear on your mobile screen.

Following the directory below, type the number assigned to them, then press the ‘Send’ button.

Here’s the direction:

Dial *143# » GoSakto » Discover Promos » Recommended Promos or Popular Promos » GOTSCOMBODD90 » Subscribe

After a successful registration to theis promo, you get 1.2 reward points.

Important Notes:

Before you turn on the data connection on your mobile phone, make sure Globe’s ‘Surt Alert’ feature it turned on.

To activate it, text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free. Wait for the confirmation text message.

This is to avoid automatic deduction of ₱5 per 15 minutes surfing in your Globe prepaid load balance.

But if you want to have the ₱5 per 15 minutes surfing, just text SURFALERT OFF to 8080.

How to check GOTSCOMBODD70 status?

You can check the status of this promo by texting GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.

After that, you’ll receive a text message about your current Gosakto promo subscription.

How to stop or unsubscribe to GOTSCOMBODD70?

Unsubscribe or stop this promo by texting GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.

This also applies to any gosakto promos.

Reminder: Don’t expect any refund of your prepaid load once you have a successful registration to any promo from Globe even after you unsubscribe to it.

How to extend GOTSCOMBODD70?

You can extend the data allocation of this promo except for the unlimited texts inclusion.

To extend your data for 15 days…

Reload your Globe number with at least 34 pesos and text GOSURFBE34 to 8080.

To extend your data for 30 days…

Load your Globe number with at least 108 pesos and text GOTSCOMBOGBBFF108 to 8080.

Wait for the confirmation text message after you sent the code/keywords for extension.

To confirm the date and time expiration, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.

How to add 1GB Data or MB to GOTSCOMBODD70?

You can add MBs or data of up to 1GB to this promo with an add-on.

Reload your prepaid account with 37 pesos and text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080.

Wait for the confirmation message, then text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 to confirm.

After a successful registration to GOTSCOMBOKEA37, 1GB will be added to the remaining data of the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo.

Reminder: If you want bigger data of up to 2GB, 4GB or even more, you can register to this data add-on several times.

However, please don’t do it at the same time.

Make sure you receive the confirmation text message and wait at least 5 or 10 minutes up to 1 hour before you register again.

Or else..

Globe will block your SIM card number.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 not working?

Does this happen to you sometimes?

If you’re a TM subscriber, then this promo and other Gosakto promos are not really available to you.

Globe gosakto promos are exclusive only to Globe prepaid subscribers.

But if you’re one of the millions of Globe prepaid subscribers and tried to register to this promo and it did not work…

Don’t fret…

Maybe Globe is just doing some system maintenance for Gosakto.

Just try it again after a moment, an hour or a day.

Or if you can’t wait, you can check other Globe surf promos from Gosurf or Supersurf.

That’s it!

Also, you can check combo promos from the Globe Gosakto link below for cheaper call, text and data promos.

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For any further questions or concerns about these Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 2018, leave them below in the comment section.

If not, you may also send a chat message to the Globe’s official Facebook or Twitter page for faster response.

178 thoughts on “GOTSCOMBODD70 2019 [UPDATE]: 1GB + free 2GB, unli all net texts

  1. Hello po, magtatanong lang sana ako about sa data. Naka register po ako sa gotscombodd70 – 1gb then 2gb go watch and play, pero ‘pag magyo-youtube nako ang nababawasan ay sa 1gb na data, diba dapat sa 2gb gowatch and play? Ini-inquire ko palagi at hindi nababawasan ang 2gb ko. San po ang problema nito? Please reply, ty!

    1. Hi, ano po gamit ‘nyo, mobile smartphone, tablet, laptop po ba o desktop computer? Magagamit lang po kasi ang 2GB gowatch/goplay sa phone o tablet. Make sure na rin po na updated ang youtube mobile app.

      Kung maayos naman po ang lahat at ganito pa rin po kalabasan, mas maganda po i-message ‘nyo po ang official fb/twitter page ng Globe Telecom for further assistance.

    1. Hello, hindi po pwede dahil walang call inclusion ang GOTSCOMBODD90. ‘Sensya po sa late reply, napunta po kasi sa spam section ang comment ‘nyo.

  2. Hello po, nag-try po ako sa gotscombokea37, pero 1 day lang po ‘yung expiration, ito po ang sabi:

    Congratulations! You have successfully created your own promo with keyword Gotscombokea37 via Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO. Now enjoy 20.00 Text to All Networks,1GB surfing valid for 1 day…

    Sana po mag-reply kayo, thanks.

    1. Hello, pasenya po sa late reply, napunta po kasi ‘spam’ section ang inyong comment. Ganito po, i-text lang po ang GOSAKTO STATUS sa 8080 para po sa final status nang inyong gosakto promo subscription.

    1. Hindi po kasi gumagana ang GOSAKTO STOP to 8080 kaya hintayin ‘nyo na lang po mag-expire. Ano po ba ang sunod na promo na ire-register ‘nyo? Kung GOTSCOMBODD70 o GOTSCOMBODD90 rin, pwede ‘nyo po ipatong sa promo na ito.

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