GOTSCOMBODD90 2019 [UPDATE]: 2GB + free 2GB, unli all net texts

GOTSCOMBODD90 is a text and data/surf promo from Globe Gosakto for prepaid subscribers.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 2019: Freebies, Data/MB add-ons, Extension, Check Status

Discover more about Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 for 2019 in this detailed post.

Learn how to check the status, stop the promo, extend the expiration, and how to register to data/MB add-ons.

This text and data promo comes with 2GB mobile data and texts to all networks valid for 7 days (1 week) – for 90 pesos.

Get to enjoy 2GB allowance for web surfing, app browsing and mobile gaming when you register to this promo.

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It also includes unlimited texts to all networks (also known as unli all net texts) so that you can send text messages to other cell phone numbers from other local mobile network providers.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 2019: Freebies, Extension, Data/MB Add-ons Etc.

GOTSCOMBODD90 is an upgraded promo variant from GOTSCOMBODD70 with the same validity period.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 has a 1GB data allowance, unlimited texts to all networks and free 2GB for GoWATCH & GoPLAY – for only 70 Pesos.

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Good News! This promo now comes with free 2GB data for GoWatch & GoPlay.

This Globe Gosakto data and text combo promo comes with:

– 2GB data allocation
– Unlimited texts to all networks
– Free 2GB data for GoWatch & GoPlay (NEW!)
– Valid for 7 days (1 week)
– 90 Pesos only

You can use these free 2GB for GoWatch & GoPlay any of the video streaming and mobile gaming apps below.

GoWATCH Mobile Sites/Apps:

NOTE: You can’t access premium videos using these free data. It should be availed separately.

GoPLAY Apps:
– Clash of Clans (COC)
– Mobile Legends
– Arena of Valor
– Clash Royale
– Dungeon Hunter
– Vain Glory and more…

What can I do with the original 2GB data allocation?

Aside from unlimited texting to all networks, with the original 2GB mobile data allocation, you can visit any website of your choice.

Well, it’s up to you how you use that.

Whether that is news, entertainment, blog, shopping site, etc., and play and browse any mobile apps.

You can also share your mobile internet connection to other cell phone and gadgets (like Tablets, laptops and desktop computers) via WiFi by using your mobile phone as a mobile WiFi hotspot.

Just remember that the other free 2GB for GoWATCH & GoPLAY is video streaming and playing mobile gaming apps only.

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You can also:

– Stream video clips and songs
– Log-in to your social media account/s
– Surf the web
– Play mobile apps
– Download and Install mobile apps
– Download video clips or song
– Send emails or chats
– and more

Two more things…

(1.) The data allocation of this promo is also stackable. You can register to the same promo or register to add-ons for 1GB (more of that later).

(2.) One feature of this promo is that you can extend it up to 15 days and 30 days or add MB. Below, you’ll also learn more about how to extend and add MB or data to this promo once you’re registered to it.

Who can avail of this promo?

This promo is only exclusive to Globe prepaid and not for TM subscribers. It’s also available to Globe Pocket WiFi and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi.

How to register to GOTSCOMBODD90?

You can subscribe to this promo in 2 ways, via Text Message or by dialing *143# and follow the promt. Learn more below…

A. Via Text Message:

To register through text, just send GOTSCOMBODD90 to 8080. Wait for the confirmation text message (SMS) in your inbox.

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B. Via *143# (Globe’s USSD Code Number):

Using your Globe Prepaid SIM card, simply dial *143# then press the call button. Wait for the options to appear on the screen.

Now, type in the assigned number (of the directory below) on the blank space under the options.

Follow this directory: (Dial *143#) Select GoSakto » Discover Promos » Recommended Promos or Popular Promos » GOTSCOMBODD90 » Subscribe.

Wait for the confirmation text message (SMS). You will get 2 reward points when your registration to this promo is successful.


Before you turn on your data connection, text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free to avoid deduction of ₱5 per 15 minutes in your Globe prepaid load balance.

If you decided to have the ₱5 per 15 minutes time-based data, just text SURFALERT OFF to 8080.

How to check GOTSCOMBODD90 status?

To check the status of this promo, simply text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 for free. After that, you’ll receive a text message about your current Gosakto promo subscription.

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It contains the informations you want to know about your GOTSCOMBODD90 promo subscription like the expiration date and time of your remaining mobile data allowance and unlimited texts to all networks.

The time format used for the expiration is the 24-hour format. Which means, the time format that will be shown starting from 1 to 12 up to 24.

For example, you registered to this promo 3:45 in the afternoon (3:45 PM). The time format is 15:45, followed by seconds (example: 15:45:24).

If you subscribed to this promo 6:00 PM in the evening, the time format is 18:00.

How to stop or unsubscribe to GOTSCOMBODD90?

You can stop or unsubscribe to this promo in three ways.

Unfortunately, the easiest way which thru text message is not available/working for now. This also applies to any gosakto promos.

(1.) Just text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080. (Were sorry, this is not working for the moment.)

(2.) You can message Globe’s costumer support on their official ‘Globe Telecom’ facebook or twitter pages. Tell them you want to stop your GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 promo subscription.

(3.) Or you may contact Globe by calling 211 using your Globe SIM on your cell phone.

REMINDER: Don’t expect any refund of your prepaid load once you have a successful registration to any promo from Globe even your stop/cancel it.

How to extend GOTSCOMBODD90?

Yes, you can extend the ‘open-access’ data allocation/allowance of this promo but except the free 2GB and the texts to all networks.

Extend the expiration of you ‘open-access data’ up to 15 days or 30 days only for a longer validity period.

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Remember, as noted above, texts and the free 2GB for video streaming and mobile games are are not included from the extension of expiration time.

To extend GOTSCOMBODD90’s expiration to 15 days, reload your number with at least 34 pesos and text GOSURFBE34 to 8080.

For 30 days validity extension, load your SIM number with at least 121 pesos then text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080. After you sent the code/keyword, wait for the confirmation text message.

Then text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 to confirm the date and time expiration.


(1.) If you extend the expiration (validity) of your GOTSCOMBODD90 subscription using any of the two ways above, the validity of its unli texts and the free 2GB for GoWATCH/GoPLAY will not be extended.

(2.) There are no call or text add-ons but you can add data/MBs on this promo. Read below…

How to add 1GB Data/MBs to GOTSCOMBODD90?

To add the data/MBs to you GOTSCOMBODD90 subscription, you can register to Globe Gosakto’s 1GB data add-on known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37.

First, reload your Globe prepaid SIM card number with at least 37 pesos. Once your account is loaded, text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080.

GOTSCOMBOKEA37 will get you an additional 1GB added to the remaining data of your current GOTSCOMBODD90 subscription.

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You : can register to this Gosakto add-on promo several times. But remember not to do it simultaneously or at the same time.

After your first registration, wait for the confirmation text message (SMS) first. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes or even at least 1 hour before registering to GOTSCOMBOKEA37 again.

This it to avoid Globe from blocking your SIM.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 not working?

GOTSCOMBODD90 and other Gosakto promos are only for Globe Prepaid subscribers and it’s not available to Touch Mobile (TM) users.

If you’re a Globe prepaid subscribers and this promo is not working every time you register, try it again after one hour or a day.

Sometimes, Globe does not notify their subscribers if they are doing some maintenance on their system.

You may notice that when you sent the correct promo code or keyword, but there’s no deduction in your prepaid load balance.

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To enjoy this text and surf promo from Globe Gosakto within 7 days, you must use at least 292.57MB of data per day.

Let’s assume you didn’t extend or registered to 1GB add-on.

To calculate: 1GB = 1024MB

292.57MB x 7 days = 2.048GB or 2,048MB

To check your remaining data balance, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080 for free.

And to track your mobile data use, go to your mobile phone’s ‘Settings’ and press ‘Cellular Data’ or ‘Data Usage’.

Make a change by moving the bar in that setting from left to right to show how much data you used on that specific day or time.

You can also check other mobile internet (data) promos from Globe Gosurf or Supersurf and text/data combo packages from Gosakto.

For any further question or concern about Globe Gosakto GOTSCOMBODD90, you can message Globe’s customer support on their official facebook/twitter page or leave them below on the ‘Post A Comment’ section.

381 thoughts on “GOTSCOMBODD90 2019 [UPDATE]: 2GB + free 2GB, unli all net texts

    1. Hello, GOTSCOMBODD90 o GOSAKTO90 po ang keyword/code at hindi po ‘gotscombdd90’. Para po sa Globe prepaid subscribers lang po ito.

  1. Hello, I have question lang. Sa 2gb na allowance for the gowatch and play. Is it necessary to use it only with cellular phones? Or can i use youtube or netflix application through my IPad [wifi only] with the use of Pocket wifi? Will it consume kaya the 2gb allowance?

  2. Tama po ba? ‘Pag nag-extend ako ng GOTSCOMBODD90 ko using GOSURFBE34 tapos nag-add ako ng GOTSCOMBOKEA37, bale magiging 3GB na yung data ko for 15 days? Plus yung freebie na 2GB for gowatch?

    Then pa’no po pag-add lang ng GOTSCOMBOKEA37 tapos hindi na ako nag extend using GOSURFBE34, bale 3GB data plus 2GB (gowatch) for 1 week? Tama po ba? TIA

  3. Hello po, clarification lang sana, pag nagregister ka sa Gosakto70/Gotscombodd70, at nakaextend for 15 days, aabot din po ba ng 15 days (same expiry sa extended promo) yung add on data?

            1. Kapag po ni-register ‘nyo bilang add-on sa Globe gosakto promo subscription ‘nyo, susundin po nito ang expiration/validity (na 30 days) ng orihinal na promo. I-text ‘nyo po ang GOSAKTO STATUS at DATA BAL sa 8080 para malaman ‘nyo ang details ng promo ‘nyo.

  4. Hi goodmorning! Lagi ako nag DD90 then hilig ko mag-download so ‘di ko na nagagamit yung free go watch ko kasi nauubos na po yung data ko.

    Is there a way to convert na lang siya to data or meron po bang ibang promo na i-register ko para naman po sulit yung download ko and magla-last ng 1 month? Thank you po.

    1. Hello, wala pong ibang paraan para po ma-convert ito. Ang free 2GB GOWATCH & GOPLAY ay data rin naman po kaso for specific websites at mobile apps lang po ito.

      Hindi rin po pwedeng ma-extend ang expiration ng free 2GB GOWATCH & GOPLAY nang hangang 30 days/1 month. Ang pwede lang po ma-extend ay ang original inclusion nito na 2GB open access data.

    1. Hello, kasama na po ang 2GB GOWATCH/GOPLAY after successful registration ‘nyo sa GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90. Open ‘nyo lang po ang app.

    1. Hello, hindi po pwede i-add-on ang ang GOWATCH sa GOSAKTO90/GOTSCOMBODD90, magiging stand-alone promo po ito. Ito po ang mga gowatch promos:

      Text GOWATCH 29 to 8080: 2GB or up to 5 hours of videos; 1 day / ₱29.
      Text GOWATCH 99 to 8080: 2.5GB or up to 6 hours of videos; 3 days / ₱99.
      Text GOWATCH 399 to 8080: 10GB or up to 30 hours of videos; 30 days / ₱399.

        1. Hello, kasama po sa pag-expire ng DD90 subscription ‘nyo. Ang GOWATCH29 po ay add-on sa GOSURF50 and up, GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90 at GOSAKTO70.

          GOWATCH99 (2.5GB video streaming) lang po ang stand-alone promo habang ang GOWACTH399 (10GB video streaming) ay add-on para sa GoSURF299 and up.

            1. Hello, pang-extend sa GOTSCOMBOKEA90/GOSAKTO90? Parang hindi po pwede, dapat GOSAKTO promo rin ang dapat gamitin. Kung ano po ang validity ng GOSURF15 yun ang po ang expiration.

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