GOTSCOMBODD90: 2GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play (2020)

GOTSCOMBODD90 is a GoSAKTO offer available in 2020 for Globe Prepaid customers only. It’s a ‘text and data’ promo.

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 2020: Register, Freebies, Add Data/MB add-ons, Extension/Extend, Check Status

Globe GOTSCOMBODD90 is now GOSAKTO90. Both have the same text and data promo inclusions.

Learn how to check the status, stop the promo, extend the expiration, and how to register to data/MB add-ons.

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Globe GOTSCOMBODD90, now renamed as GOSAKTO90 and still available as of 2020, comes with 2GB open access (regular) mobile data, 1GB per day for GoWATCH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP, and unli all-net texts for ₱90 – valid for 7 days.

· 2GB regular mobile data
· Unlimited texts to all networks + 1GB GoWiFi Access
· Valid for 7 days (₱90)

How to register GOTSCOMBODD90?

You can subscribe in three (3) ways:

1. Via Text Message: Send GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 to 8080. Wait for confirmation text message.

2. Via *143#: Dial *143# on your phone using your Globe SIM and press call button. Wait for the options to load then choose ‘GoSAKTO90’ or ‘GoSAKTO’ » ‘Popular Promos’ » ‘ GoSAKTO90.’

Type in the assigned number on each option in the blank space under the options then press ‘SEND.’

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Aside from 2GB open access or regular mobile data that you can use to access all websites/apps and unlimited texts to all networks, it also includes 1GB per day for GoWATCH&PLAY + GoSHARE&SHOP.

It used to offer additional free 2GB GoWATCH & GoPLAY for 7 days before, but now it’s upgraded to 1GB per day for Facebook, Instagram, Watch & Play.

This means, you get 1GB every day to access popular social networking apps, watch videos and play mobile games (on selected apps/sites).

With additional 1GB/Day for videos and games, you can watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, NBA, VLive, Viu, One Championship, iflix, and HBO GO. Note that premium subscriptions are not included.

You can also play mobile games such as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Marvel Super War, Clash of Clans (COC), Free Fire, PUBG, and Call of Duty.

Who can avail of this promo?

Globe GoSAKTO offers like GOTSCOMBODD90 is only exclusive to Globe Prepaid customers and are not available to TM subscribers.

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How to check GOTSCOMBODD90 status?

Just text GOSAKTO STATUS and/or DATA BAL to 8080 for free. Wait for text message in your inbox.

It contains the details of your Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO subscription such as your remaining mobile data and expirations of each inclusion in a 24-hour format.

How to stop or unsubscribe to GOTSCOMBODD90?

You can unsubscribe to this GoSAKTO promo in 3 ways:

1. Text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080. Wait for confirmation text message.

2. Chat with Globe Telecom’s customer support on their official FB Messenger, Facebook or twitter page with your concern and mobile number.

3. Contact them by calling 211 using Globe SIM in your mobile phone. At least ₱7.50 is required; no deduction will happen.

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How to extend GOTSCOMBODD90?

You can the duration of your Globe GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90 subscription in 3 ways:

1. Before your registration expires (the day or 1 hour before expiration), reload 90 then register to the same promo. Your remaining mobile data will be added to your new subscription.

The next 2 ways only extends the duration/expiration of open access or regular mobile data inclusion. This does not include the texts and free 1GB/Day FB, IG, Watch & Play.

2. To extend its mobile data’s expiration to 15 days, reload at least ₱34 and text GOSURFBE34 to 8080.

3. To extend its mobile data’s expiration to 30 days, reload at least ₱121 and text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080.

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After you sent the keyword/code, wait for the confirmation text message then text GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080 to confirm the date and time expiration.

How to add data to GOTSCOMBODD90?

To add the data or MBs to your GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 subscription, you can register to this GoSAKTO 1GB mobile data promo known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37.

Reload your Globe Prepaid number with at least ₱37 and text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. There are no call or text add-ons for this promo.

Globe GOTSCOMBOKEA37 can be a stand-alone promo or  data add-on to GoSAKTO promos.

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For inquiries, contact Globe Telecom on their social media pages or call 211 via Globe SIM or (02) 7730-1000 via Globe Landline — free of charge — or post them below with/without your email address and/or name.

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508 responses to “GOTSCOMBODD90: 2GB, Unli Texts, Free FB, IG, Watch & Play (2020)”

  1. Rio

    Hello, ask ko lang po pano po if nadoble yung promo the same day for example po yung gosakto90 maextend po ba yung validity nito like magiging 2 weeks? Thank you.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, yung huling validity nang gosakto90 po ang masusunod.

  2. Jograd

    Hi, about dun sa watch and play ni gotscombodd90 or gosakto90, ano ibig sabihin ng premium subscription not included? Ibg sabihin ba ‘pag pngkaremium account ako sa netflix ‘di sya pwedeng i-consume? Just to clarify lang po.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello, ganito po, may mga services po kasi na kailangan ‘nyo mag-subcribe at magbayad muna bago ‘nyo ma-access ng service tulad nang Netflix. Magagamit ‘nyo naman po ang free watch & play sa Netflix basta nag-subscribe kayo sa plan nila.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi to all globe user and to globe company, paano po mag-extend data sa GOSAKTO140 hindi tugma sa araw ng expire data po? Thank you.

    1. E.T. Team

      Hi, pareho lang po sa GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90 ang pag-extend, basahin ‘nyo po rito. Paalala po ulit na hindi kasama sa pag-extend ang free 1GB/Day SNS+WNP at unlimited texts to all networks; ‘yung open access data lang po ang mae-extend.

      1. Bad

        Pwede bang magkaroon ka ulit ng 1gb pang youtube ‘pag na ubos na kahit hindi pa tapos yung araw na ubos agad yung 1gb pang youtube? Magkakaroon ka ba ulit nun ‘pag naubos?

        1. E.T. Team

          Hi, magre-refresh lang po ang bagong free 1GB after 12 AM midnight. Kapag naubos ‘nyo na po ang free 1GB allocation sa ilang oras lang, kailangan ‘nyo po maghintay the next day o after 12 AM.

          1. Ja


            If for example, naubos ko na yung 1gb free for videos and games, may warning ba na ubos na yun? O wala na at diretso na nyang kakainin yung open access data mo?

            1. E.T. Team

              Hello, opo, may text notification po kayong matatangap pati na rin po kapag malapit ‘nyo na maubos ang open access data ‘nyo.

  4. Anonymous

    Hello po, ask ko lang po if nag-gotscombo stop, hindi na po maiibalik yung data?

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, opo pero pwede pa rin naman po kayo mag-register sa ibang offer kahit hindi pa expired ang GOSTCOMBODD090 subscription ‘nyo.

  5. Anonymous

    Kapag ba may ongoing ka na load like gosakto90 tas nag-redeem ka ng globe promos (like 1g for surfing/day) makakain ba yung load or dadagdag lang siya sa load mo? hehehehehhe

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hi, hindi po sigurado kung separate yung 1GB na ire-redeem ‘nyo at ang inclusions nang GOSAKTO90 subscription ‘nyo at kung ano ang mauunang magagamit sa dalawa. Baka madagdag po ito sa open access data inclusion ng GOSAKTO90 subscription ‘nyo.

    2. Anonymous

      Pa’no i-extend ang load na gosakto90? May extra po ako 20 pesos eh.

      1. EkstraTips Team

        Hi, dapat po may at least ₱34 regular load kayo, Check ‘nyo po sa post na ito yung GOSURFBE34. Hindi po kasama sa extend ang free 1GB/Day at unlimited texts to all networks. Ang ma–extend lang po ay ang hindi ‘nyo pa nagagamit sa 2GB open access data.

  6. Mark

    Nag-register po ako ng GOSAKTO90, wala po ako na recieve na 1gb for SNS+WNP pero yung sa gosurf free wifi 4gb ba’t doon ang laki?

    1. E.T. Team

      Hi, parang available pa naman po ang free 1GB/Day. Na-try ‘nyo po i-text ang DATA BAL to 8080?

  7. Ryan

    Nag-register ako ng gosakto90 tapos ire-register ko din rin po yung gotscombokea37, ok lang po ba yun? At ok lang po ba mag-register ng gotscombokea37 nang tuloy-tuloy or may limit po sa pag-register..

    1. E.T. Team

      Hello, pwedeng-pwede rin naman po. Sa pag-register nang GOTSCOMBOKEA37, make sure na may at least 5 minutes na interval every registration.

      1. Anonymous

        Hi po, if ever mag-add aq ako ng data via GOTSCOMBOKEA37 sa GOTSCOMBO90 q ko 1 hr. before expiration, eh mae-extend dn din ba ang expiration ng GOTSCOMBO90 q ko? Kasama dn rin ba sa extension ‘yung 1GB free fb/youtube?

        1. E.T. Team

          Hi, mae-extend po ang remaining ‘open/all access’ mobile data ng GOTSCOMBODD90 (kasama rin po ng 1GB) nang 1 day (24 hours). Hindi po kasama ang free 1GB/Day at unli texts.

          1. Nicks

            Hi po, ask lang po ako, pwede po bang i-extend ng i-extend ang remaining data ng gosakto90? Like mag-register ako sa GOTSCOMBOKEA37 kahit ilang beses basta my interval ng 5 mins kada register?

            1. E.T. Team

              Hi, pwede naman po. I-clarify lang po natin na add-on lang po ang GOTSCOMBOKEA37 at ito ay may 1 day (24 hours) na validity.

          2. Romeo

            Ilang araw ma-extend?

            1. E.T. Team

              Hi, ang open access data ay mae-extend nang 15 days po; hindi po kasama sa extend ang free 1GB/Day at unlimited texts.

  8. Jalz

    Ano po inu-una ma-consume, yung 2GB all access ba or yung 1GB everyday FB ‘pag nag-FB ka? Kasi dati yung 2GB kinakain bago yung free na MB.

    1. EkstraTips Team

      Hello, bago na po ang free inclusion para sa GoSAKTO offers at ito na po ay 1GB per day GoWATCH&PLAY (WNP) + GoSHARE&SHOP (SNS). Ang FB ay under ng GoSHARE apps. Not sure pero dapat maunang magamit ang free inclusion kapag Facebook.

      1. Anonymous

        Hi po, paano po i-claim yung 1gb per day?

        1. EkstraTips Team

          Hi, automatic na po na kasama sa promo ang 1GB/day basta successful ang registration ‘nyo sa GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90.

  9. Pau

    Pwede po kaya ito muna gawin ko: GOTSCOMBOGBF121 tapos tsaka ako mag gotscombodd90 para maging 1 month yung 90 ko?

    1. E.T. Team

      Hello, kung sakaling ganyan po gagawin ‘nyo, bale 7 days lang po ang validity ng unli all-net texts at 1GB/Day GoSHARE&SHOP + GoWATCH&PLAY.

      Ang inclusions lang po na may 30 days validity ay 1000 texts to Globe/TM at 3GB open access mobile data (1GB mula sa GOTSCOMBOGBF121 + 2GB sa GOTSCOMBODD90/GOSAKTO90).

  10. Mark

    Hi po, nag-register po ako sa GOSAKTO120. ‘Di ba may free 1GB/day sa Goshare and Shop at GoWatch and Play ayon sa promo adds nila. Kaso sa akin walang free 1GB per day.

    “Hi! As of 2020-02-13, 02:22:41, the remaining MB on your active promos are:
    DATA: 2.55GB (until 2020-02-19, 19:48:35)
    GoSURF Free WiFi: 2GB (until 2020-02-19, 19:49:28)”.

    1. ET Team

      Hello, wala pa naman announcement ang Globe ukol dito kung tinanggal na. Try ‘nyo po i-text DATA BAL to 8080.

      1. Gelane

        Bakit wala yung 1GB freebie ko? Nag-register ako sa GOSAKTO90 pero data lang meron? Pa’no po makuha ang freebie?

        1. Anonymous

          Hello po, pwede na ba po mag-extend gamit ‘yong GOSURFBE34 kahit bukas pa naman po mag-expired load?

          1. EkstraTips Team

            Hi, pwede naman po kahit bukas basta hindi po expired ang promo subscription ‘nyo (at hindi load).

          2. Anonymous

            Hello po, currently registered po ako GOSAKTO90 gusto ko po mag-add ng 1GB (GOTSCOMBOKEA37) at i-extend ng GOSURFBE34 para maging 15 days pwede po ba yun? Salamat po.

            1. E.T. Team

              Hi, pwedeng-pwede rin naman po pero paalala lang po ulit na hindi kasama sa 15 days extend ang free 1GB/Day at unlimited texts. Text DATA BAL to 8080 for free para po sa final status nang subscription ‘nyo.

      2. Anonymous

        Hello, paano po ‘pag nadoble pagkaka-load ng gosakto 140. Pa’no po maibabalik sa loading owner yung isa pang gosakto 140 kasi nag doble nga po pagkaka-load?

        1. EkstraTips Team

          Hi, parang imposible po na maibalik pa ang load. Dapat po alam ‘yan nang nagpapa-load. Kausapin ‘nyo na lang po siya.

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